Artisana Organic Nut Butters Review

Review Artisana NUT BUTTERS

  For all of you, I share many unique, delicious, and healthy (okay not always) foods and recipes because it’s something I love to do. Imagine when I find a company that share’s that same kind of passion for their gourmet line of foods. Artisana Foods has created lines of organic nut butters, coconut butters/oil, and chocolate spread. As a food blogger, I was excited to receive my Artisana Nut Butters sample in the mail for this review. Nut butters {Read More}

Unusual Uses for Lemons

Uses for Lemons

Unusual Uses for Lemons When I think of lemons I think of fresh squeezed lemonade, or adding a few slices to my water for a little added flavor. But did you know that there are several reasons that lemons are actually good for your health, or that you can use lemons in a lot of different ways besides drinking or eating them? Check out some of my unusual uses for lemons, and learn the benefits of lemons too! 1.) Detox {Read More}

10 Uses for Pure Shea Butter

Review Shea Butter

If you’re looking for a go-to beauty product that is a known moisturizer and soft skin agent, look no further than Pure Shea Butter. Recently, I received a complimentary jar of Adovia Mineral Skin Care’s raw and unrefined shea butter for review. So, I decided to share a short list of little known shea butter uses: 1. Apply to lips as a moisturizing balm, lip plumper, or to prevent color bleed from lipstick. Your lips will feel smooth all day. {Read More}

Savings Sunday: Personalized Children’s Books up to 30% OFF

Savings Sunday Personalized Children's Books

Back-to-school season has officially kicked off, so I wanted to share some great personalized educational books and materials that are perfect for school and to grab NOW for huge savings on holiday gifts. You may remember my previous post on fun personalized books for kids with I See Me! Inc. I wanted to share with you their Labor Day Mystery Code for anywhere between 10-30% off your purchase. I See Me! Inc. Mystery Code: MYSTERY  You can add your child’s {Read More}

Totlings Seating Solution for Babies – Snugglish Baby Seat

Totlings Snugglish Baby Seat - Infant

Sponsored content New parents are always seeking the best way to keep baby safe while they try to make sense of their chaotic homes and lives. Most parents, especially moms, know that when a new baby naps, it’s the best time for them to nap. The magical cleaning fairy doesn’t come out and take care of the week’s worth of dishes or wash five loads of laundry, fold, and put them away. Showering doesn’t come easy every day and getting {Read More}

$1,000 Back To School Cash Sweepstakes

Did you know you can shop, earn, and donate all at once? You are already shopping online or on your mobile devices, so why not donate to a good cause while doing so. iMyne allows you to do just that. Many of the retailers you already know and love actually offer money back as an incentive to shop their sites, but these incentives are rarely cashed in on. iMyne works with these sites to send those savings back to you {Read More}

Grilled Kalbi Beef Steak

Grilled Kalbi Beef Steak

Today’s recipe is a Grilled Kalbi Beef Steak. Have you ever heard of Kalbi? Kalbi is a traditional Korean dish that is usually made with marinated beef, or pork, short ribs with a korean soy sauce. I find that making this recipe with a london broil or flank steak is easier than making it with beef short ribs.  Plus, you still get the same great flavor! For the most amazing flavor, make sure you  marinade the meat overnight. This will {Read More}

How to Properly Clean a Cutting Board

Clean your Cutting Board

  This week’s Kitchen Basics 101 is all about How to Properly Clean a Cutting Board. I don’t know about you, but we use our cutting board almost every day. Normally, we use it to cut up our veggies and fruits, but there are times when we need to use it for raw fish or meat. It is very important to wash your cutting board no matter what you are using it for. You don’t want to contaminate your food {Read More}

Homemade Oatmeal Packets

Make your own Oatmeal Packets

Homemade Oatmeal Packets  Making your own oatmeal packets is simple, and saves a significant amount of money, especially when you buy it on sale!  Not only does it cut your food costs, but you can customize your flavors in ways that Mr. Quaker never dreamed of. Create a big batch of base mix and add a special ingredient or two when you make your bowl in the morning for a delicious treat. Or you can add nuts, chocolate chips, cocoa {Read More}

Savings Sunday: Back-to-School with Lunch Coupons


 It’s time for the kids to head back-to-school and getting all of their school supplies and lunches ready for the year is a big cost at the end of summer. Parents can budget for school by pairing printable coupons with weekly sales. Packing children’s school lunches can be the cheapest and healthiest alternative over the school cafeteria. Choose what’s best for your family at the grocery store and make taking a lunchbox something fun for your child. Check out a {Read More}