Fun Personalized Books for Kids – “My Farm Friends”

I See Me Inc. My Farm Friends

Sponsored content New parents love planning all the important things they’ll have to do with their baby once it enters the world. Feedings, diaper changes, and milestones top the list of to-dos. But, what about the things you don’t think of immediately like reading a bedtime story every night. You may shrug and think that those days won’t come until well after your child’s first birthday, but the importance and power of reading can start in the womb. Maybe you’ve {Read More}

10 Ways to Use Vinegar for Health & Beauty

One vinegar bottles isolation on white background

  10 Ways to Use Vinegar for Health & Beauty When you think of vinegar, you probably don’t think of using it in your health and beauty routine, but vinegar is as amazing in this area of your life as it is in other areas. Here are 10 ways you can use vinegar to boost your beauty routine!  1. If dandruff is an issue, try rinsing with a couple cups of apple cider vinegar after you wash your hair. If {Read More}

Printing Custom Cakes with Edible Ink at Inkedibles


You can’t miss it. I’ve seen it multiple times at different bakery locations. Customers receiving special cakes with their own personal photos or prints as the design. You really can’t beat a birthday cake that features your face front and center can you? It’s the ultimate way to fully customize your cake or dessert. Have you seen the awesome printed marshmallows? For the longest time, I was in awe of these businesses that the hardware to produce custom printed desserts. {Read More}

Green Goddess Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

One of the things I love about pasta is that it is so versatile. You can easily change the flavors to create delicious side dishes and main dishes. It can be served cold or hot. You can make up a huge batch of it for a large group, or a small batch for two! This Green Goddess Pasta Salad recipe that I am sharing with you today is cool and creamy with the perfect combination of fresh herbs. A little {Read More}

9 Clever Ways to Use Flour

Clever Uses for Flour

9 Clever Ways to Use Flour   Flour is a must have in every bakers kitchen, but did you know you could use flour in a lot of interesting ways around your house? You can use flour when doing crafts, in your garden and even for your do it yourself beauty routine! 1. Soft cloud dough. Mix 2 cups of flour with 1/4 to 1/2 cup baby oil. Start with the 1/4 cup baby oil and add more as needed. Cloud {Read More}

Sweet and Smoky BBQ Rub

Sweet and Smoky BBQ Rub

Sweet and Smoky BBQ Rub Kick off the end of summer with this Sweet and Smoky BBQ rub!  If you want a sweet flavor with a kick, the best way to get it is to start by using this rub before you grill.  This sweet and smoky BBQ rub is delicious on ribs, chicken, brisket, pork chops or pork loin. Dry rubs add a layer of flavor that just salt and pepper or even sauce alone can’t add to the {Read More}

Savings Sunday: Laundry Coupons and Household Cleaning Products

Laundry Coupon and Cleaning Product Coupons

Back-to-School season is quickly approaching, so it’s never too late to save on those high priced laundry products and cleaning supplies. You’ll be washing load after load of soiled school clothing and after-school sports apparel. Plus, you’ll need some extra cleaner to get those muddy feet prints off of the floor and all the grime out of the bathroom. If you thought summer was your child’s messiest time of the year, you haven’t seen anything yet with back-to-school fun, products, {Read More}

DIY All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

DIY All Natural Toilet Cleaner

DIY All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Store bought toilet cleaners work great, but they have a lot of  toxic chemicals in them. Toilet bowl cleaners are also not safe to use in homes where there are pets or small children, as they often like to play in the toilet. Instead of taking a risk, why not try making your own DIY toilet bowl cleaner instead? It is easier than you may think, and you will still get the sparkling clean {Read More}

Your Wedding Registry Your Rules at – Add Items from Any Store to One List Sample Wedding Registry

GETTING MARRIED? REGISTER FOR ANYTHING ON THE PLANET WITH MYREGISTRY.COM!Weddings are hectic, exciting, and rewarding for everyone involved, especially the happy couple. But, why add to the stress leading up to the big day? I Bridal showers and gifts are custom with weddings. Stop the guessing games and putting off making a list of what you and your significant other need to start your lives together. Believe me everyone else will thank you. Create an easy, convenient, and free online {Read More}

DIY Citrus Avocado Face Mask

Citrus Avocado Face Mask

DIY Citrus Avocado Face Mask Avocados are rich in moisturizing oils and healthy fats that you skin will adore. When you combine avocados with the skin brightening properties of citrus, you have a face mask that can’t be beat! Take a peek below at how to make your own Citrus Avocado Face Mask, a mask you can whip up in just minutes and enjoy whenever your skin needs a refreshing pick me up. Take a look at how easy it {Read More}