Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety

Halloween is full of spooks, fun, and the perfect opportunity for something to go wrong. Facing your worst nightmare could be more than ghoulish ghost, you could easily find yourself waiting in the emergency room. There’s nothing scarier than that! It’s important to stay safe during Halloween activities. Below are some of my favorite tips [...]

All Natural Car Air Freshener

DIY All Natural Car Air Freshner

All Natural Car Air Freshener You may be spending a lot of time in the care soon. Whether it’s for a family vacation or a trip to see family for the holidays, you don’t want to spend any length of time riding in a stuffy car with an odor. Does your space need a little [...]

Wayfair Custom Upholstery Guide

Custom Upholstery Wayfair

Sponsored content As a Wayfair Homemaker blogger, I have the privilege of sharing with you home decor furnishing specials and some of my favorite products! From October 16 – 20, you can use a special promo code to save an extra 10% off of your Custom Upholstery purchase. You have so many color options and [...]

Pumpkin Painted Mason Jar

pumpkin mason jar

Pumpkin Painted Mason Jar Painted mason jars are an easy way to add a splash of color and festive fun to your home or patio decor. A case of mason jars, spray paint, ribbon, and less than 20 minutes and you can have an entire patch of pumpkins lining your walkway. A subtle pumpkin design [...]

Apple Cinnamon Chips

Apple Cinnamon Chips

Apple Cinnamon Chips     This is a really easy and some what healthy afternoon snack for the kids and adults in your life. I have picky eaters in my family, so I know your pain. You’ll find an almost guiltless sweet snack in these easy-to-make Apple Cinnamon Chips. They’re great for any season, but [...]

Ten Fundamental Spices for Your Kitchen

Ten Fundamental Spices for Your Kitchen

If you walk into the spice section of your local supermarket, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of spices that are available there. The sheer numbers can be intimidating, not to mention the price may put many of them out of reach. Here’s a handy guide to get the best flavor for your [...]

Healthier Autumn Comfort Food

Healthier Autumn Comfort Food

The leaves are changing color and the weather is getting cooler (although I still refuse to turn the thermostat back on just yet). Autumn is definitely here. I always hate to say good bye to summer, where there is more daylight to savor, there’s more time spent outdoors and I can enjoy all the fresh [...]

How to Make Your Own Mummy Family

Mummy Family

How to Make Your Own Mummy Family To be very honest, I don’t usually decorate for Halloween. My kids have been out on their own for several years now, and with it just being the two of us, it seemed kind of silly to do anything for this holiday. Even when the kids were still [...]