2nd Annual #OrnamentSwap2013

Welcome to the 2nd Annual #OrnamentSwap2013 ! This year my co-hosts are Lauren from  Tutus & Tea Parties & Heather from Baby Bump & Beyond. We are really excited about putting on this swap again! Did you participate in the Ornament Swap last year? If not let me explain how it works. Once the sign up process is over you will be paired up with your partner. Get to know them a little bit and figure out what kind of ornament they might like. You can either buy or make an ornament to send to her/him. Try and limit the amount that you spend to $5.oo. (not including shipping cost) Now, you do not need to have a blog/website to be a part of the swap. If you do happen to have a blog, we would love it if you would help us get the word out and post our button on your side bar. Make sure you use #ornamentswap2013 any time that you talk about the swap. 

Lets go over all of the details with a little more information.

1. The first step is to fill out the form and sign up. Please only sign up if you can fulfill the agreement. There is nothing worse than getting paired with someone that backs out and leaves you hanging when you were looking forward to the swap.  SIGN UP FOR THE ORNAMENT SWAP You will have until October 26th to sign up. The swap will be closed to new sign ups at that time. If you want to participate I recommend you sign up now and not wait. I would hate to have you miss out! You must be 18 yrs or older, but you can live in any country to participate. You will be partnered with someone from your country, unless you indicate that you don’t mind partnering with someone in a different county.

2. Once the sign up is closed you will be emailed with your partners name and email address. Contact them and find out what kinds of things they like, so that you will know what kind of ornament to either make them or buy them.  Remember that the spending limit is a maximum of $5.oo, not including postage. Your ornament must be shipped by November 23. Sooner is always better! 

3. If you have a blog we would love to have you do a post about the swap or put our button on you sidebar or somewhere on your site. This is not mandatory, but it would be great to have you help us get the word out!

Ornament Swap Button

4. Please use the hashtag #ornamentswap2013 anytime that you talk about the swap on your social media. (Facebook. Twitter, etc.) Feel free to tag one of the co-host so we can share it too!

 5. We would love to have you follow all of the host. Again, this is not mandatory, but it would be a great way for you to stay up to date, and to get some different ideas on how to make your own ornament. We have also started an Ornament Pinterest Board, feel free to hop over and check it out too.

I would love to have a couple guest on the blog showing how to make different ornaments. Leave me a comment or email me at robynmomto2@gmail.com if you would be interested!

I can’t wait to see what kind of ornaments you all come up with this year!

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