33 Pcs Fishing Lure Box Kit Only $12.99 Shipped

5124FznmXlL._SX425_Amazon has this 33 Pcs Fishing Lure Box Kit for only $12.99 shipped! Even though this great kit will not make it to your mailbox in time for the FREE Public Fishing Days for National Fishing and Boating Week posted here, it is still a great deal! Plus it would make a wonderful gift for any fishermen in your life.

  • 33pcs item in box as following described
  • 6X electrolytic tin plating Steel Lure 2X Spinner (3g/5g) 1X 7g Spoon
  • 5X Soft Lure Hooks 6X Single Hooks 3X Worm Soft Lure
  • 3X Soft Shrimp Lure 2X Copper Weights (3g/5g) 5X Fishing Swivels
  • Comes with box

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