4 Reasons Why You Should Add Pumpkin to Your Beauty Routine

 4 Reasons Why You Should Add Pumpkin to your Beauty Routine

You know how to carve a pumpkin, roast pumpkin seeds and even bake a pumpkin pie; but, have you ever tried to add this marvelous vegetable in your skincare regimen?  There are many benefits to using pumpkin as an ingredient in your face wash or moisturizer, especially during the fall season.  I couldn’t believe how versatile pumpkin can be, and we all know that as soon as October rolls around every year, it’s pumpkin season. So, I had to share with you 4 reasons why you should add pumpkin to your beauty routine this fall!

Pumpkin makes your skin smoother and brighter

The first thing you need to know about pumpkin in skincare is that it’s boosted with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).  AHAs help with skin cells regeneration: if your skin cells regenerate faster and more evenly, your skin tone will instantly appear brighter.  One of my recommendations for the colder months is to try a pumpkin scrub.  The exfoliation will help get rid of dead cells on the surface of your skin, which will improve the way your skin absorbs moisturizer.  For a budget-friendly option, you can even make your own pumpkin scrub at home!

Pumpkin treats and prevents signs of aging

One very good reason to use pumpkin in your skincare in the fall is that it reverses the impacts of sun damage on your skin.  Here is the reason why: pumpkin is full of antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C.  This amazing cocktail neutralizes free radicals and boosts collagen production in the skin, which helps produce more hyaluronic acid for better hydration, elasticity and firmness.  A serum or a peel that contains pumpkin will certainly help you look a few years younger.  Who wouldn’t want that

Pumpkin helps control oiliness and acne

Thanks to zinc, fatty acids, vitamin E and torulitine, pumpkin seeds are amazing at controlling oil production.  If your skin produces less oil, your chances of breaking out are by far reduced because there is less inflammation on the skin.  Less breakouts also signifies smaller pores.  Applying a pumpkin mask once or twice a week is an excellent way to get all those amazing benefits.  Feeling adventurous?  Try rubbing a piece of pumpkin flesh directly on your skin after cleansing it.  All natural and your skin will feel refreshed!

Pumpkin keeps your skin moisturized

Last but not least, pumpkin has a property most people are looking for in their skincare regimen: it moisturizes!  Because of its high vitamin A content, pumpkin is soothing, softening and hydrating.  Think about using it for dry skin, and not just on your face!  If walking in flip flops all summer left you with dry, cracked heels, now is the perfect time to heel them with pumpkin foot care.  Those long days at the beach or by the pool left your hair lifeless?  Pumpkin is awesome for your scalp!  Get it in a conditioner or hair mask and it will moisturize the most damaged hair.  You will feel rejuvenated!

Pumpkin has so many benefits that it can improve any skin issue, especially in the fall when the weather gets colder and your skin recovers from sun exposure during the summer. Give it a try and see how radiant and healthy your skin will look!

Do you have a favorite skin care routine specifically for the fall? I’d love to hear more about it!

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