5 Ideas to Recycle Period Pads

Writer, Melanie, shares her experience with her period, light bladder leakage, and 5 Ideas to Recycle Period Pads thanks to sponsorship from Poise!

Period pads are just for periods! I want to shout that from the rooftops and go back to tell my mother that she was wrong. I remember being pregnant thinking, “If I pee on myself one more time, I’ll savagely rip my panties off and do the rage dance of my people.” My people of course being primal mothers, a unique group that I would be joining in a few long, oh so long, months. I needed a pee pad not a period pad!

Mother’s Day got me thinking a lot about my mom, and how much she taught me about being a woman throughout my life. As a toddler, she showered me with frilly dresses, dolls, and all things homemaker. I was learning how to be a woman and take care of a family. My mom worked outside the  home, but wanted me to understand the traditional gender role of women everywhere. I started my menstrual cycle when I was in fourth grade. My teacher was absent that day and my dad had to pick me up from school. By that point, my parents were divorced and it was Dad’s two weeks in the joint custody agreement. I don’t remember Mom giving me any sort of advice on how to handle this new fangled period. Rust yuck in your panties wasn’t something that I loved. I mean I still carried Pokemon cards in the front pocket of my overalls for pity’s sake.

I went on experiencing my period once a month for several years. I figured out the put the pad in, take the pad out routine that kept me from looking like a murder victim. It wasn’t until middle school that I wanted to use tampons when we had to swim during P.E., so my mom bought a box. Read the directions she said. I won’t show you. You’ll have to figure it out. Mind you my mother is not the most open person when it comes to talking about your body or otherwise personal things. I was nervous, but conquered tampons!

Fast forward about ten years, when I struggled with light bladder leakage. Having a baby press on your bladder causes leaking – lots of leaking! My Mom suggested that I wear a period pad. No way! Light bladder leakage turned into wet pants while shopping or at work. Period pads do not help with light bladder leakage. 

Poise Pads

I found that purchasing an incontinence brand like Poise is the only way to go! Worried that these pads will be too bulky? Then, you haven’t heard of the Poise Thin-Shape Pads for light bladder leakage (LBL). Many women suffer from LBL on a regular basis. You need a product that will keep you dry and is discreet. Period pads are too bulky and aren’t absorbent enough to hold urine. I used Poise during my pregnancy to keep me on track for those sudden urges to go while at work, home, and out shopping. Now, I’m the Mom of an energetic almost two-year-old, and I still have to use Poise pads. 

Light bladder leakage paired with an intense association with using the bathroom when I get home from being out caused me to recycle my period pads and invest in more Poise Thin-Shape Pads. Many women experience LBL when they cough, sneeze, laugh, or exercise. Causes include pregnancy, childbirth, or even just weight gain. On your journey to finding out your reason for LBL and a treatment that works for you, combat the leakage with Poise Thin-Shape Pads. Toss those period pads out the door – well unless you need them for your actual period. Otherwise, check out:

5 Ideas to Recycle Your Period Pad

5 Ideas to Recycle Period Pads

1) Cheap Breast Pads for Breastfeeding – Cut the pads in half or fourths (your preference for coverage), uncover the sticky side, and stick them in your bra. Totally disposable and easy to make!

2) Spill Wiper – Can’t find a paper towel? Use the sticky grip of a period pad on your hand or shoe for an effortless clean up. Toddlers love to help clean-up with this one.

3) Sleeping Eye Mask – Attach two rubber bands to the ends of the period pad, loop them around each ear, and voila! Hello good night’s sleep!

4) Shower Flip Flops – Don’t get gross feet. Strap these babies to your feet for the ultimate protection that you can dispose sans shower. OITNB anyone?

5) Hidden Wallet – Protect your belongings in your purse, on the beach, or when you’re at the park. Take an unused period pad and unwrap it carefully. Sandwich your money, credit cards, or I.D. card back into the pad. Close the wrapper and you’re ready to go. No thief will suspect you have a wad of cash in your period stash.

Join the recycle your period pad movement if you’re a sufferer of LBL or a supporter. Engage on social media with your own crafty ideas to recycle a period pad by using #RecycleYourPeriodPad in your posts.

As a thank you for checking out my ideas, please grab a free sample of Poise Thin-Shape Pads. <– Share it with your friends!

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