Beach Pallet Board Sign

Beach Pallet Board Sign

I am really happy with how this sign turned out! It was super easy to make, and best of all, I didn’t have to buy anything to make it. I used things that I already had on hand. Thank goodness I am a stocker-upper kind of girl! This project was also a great excuse to turn my cricut machine on, and make some really pretty letters. I had originally planned on it saying, “Life at the Beach,” but I made my letters too big. No biggie, I just changed it up and went with Beach Life.

We have kind of a beachy theme in the living room, so the sign is up on a shelf. I’m not done with the shelf. I will share photo’s but keep in mind that it needs something else. It is still too plain! I would really like to make or find a sailboat!

I also painted two small, gold, cheap photo frames. After I painted them, I cut scrapbook paper to fit where a picture would normally go, and then I glued a couple shells on to the paper. I like them, but I didn’t distress them at all, and I think I might like them better if I did. Let me know what your thoughts are after you see them!

Ok, so here is how I made my pretty Beach sign!

Pallet Board Beach Sign

(Note: I repainted the two frames brown. I like them that color a lot better!)

Pallet Board Beach Sign
Here’s what you need:  
Pallet Board: Make sure it doesn’t have any cracks in it. Remove all of the nails, staples, etc.  
Paint: I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Gloss in Global Blue.  
Sandpaper: I used something that was laying around in Ryo’s stuff.  
Lettering and Embellishments: I used my Storybook Cricut Cartridge and cut letters out on card stock paper. I also used seashells that I had on hand.  
Mod Podge liquid waterbase sealer, glue and finish.  
Mod Podge Gloss Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray  
E-6000 glue
1. After pulling the nails out of the pallet board, I spray painted it with the blue paint. I let it dry and then I gave it another coat. Depending on how you want your final product to look, you can do another coat, or stop at two. I think I ended up doing three coats. Next time, I will only do two.
2. I let the paint dry overnight, and then I sanded the edges of the sign. I wanted it to have a little bit of a distressed look, but not a lot. Sand as much or as little as you want to!
3. Next, I used a sponge, and put a layer of liquid Mod Podge all over the board.
4. I then quickly put the letters where I wanted them on the sign. I used one finger to press the letters down good. You want to make sure they aren’t going to go anywhere. I let this dry for 20 minutes.
5. Using a sponge, I gently covered the whole sign, in another layer of liquid Mod Podge, and then let it dry for another 20 minutes. I repeated this step.
6. Once the Mod Podge was dry, I sprayed the sign with a layer of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.
7. I let that dry, and then I used E-6000 glue to put my seashells on the sign.
And there you have it! See, easy peasy!  
Maybe some beach grass on the top shelf, or hanging on the wall?
Let me know what you think. I’m up for any suggestions!


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  1. says

    I love it! But if you want those frames to pop, I think if you could rub some kind of blue into the cracks and designs, they would tie the sign right into them, plus the blue lid on the jar. But that is just a suggestion, since you asked.

    • says

      Thanks Susie! That white has been driving me crazy! LOL I went to walmart and bought some blue paint. I think I am going to use a sponge and put it on those frames! They are just too bright and shiny… and yet, blah!


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