Capture Memories with One Day App Launch for Android

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one day app

Remember when I gushed about how awesome the One Day App for recording video memories of your friends and family? At that time, it was only available for iOS users, and I was sad that my Android friends weren’t able to make a virtual scrapbook full of interview videos. Launched on February 2nd, the One Day App is now available for Android users!

It’s a fun app that’s designed to record video of memories in an interview style. I chose to do a video from a mommy perspective remembering the birth of my daughter and her infancy. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun, but was most impressed with how easy it was to make the video and upload it online.

Take your documentation of your family history into the 21st century by recording your family history. Interview you parents, grandparents, and anyone that’s in the older generation of your family. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Download the One Day App for Apple iOS and Android today!

Disclosure: One Day App sponsored this announcement post for the launch of their Android app in the #OneDay4Android campaign.

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