DIY Natural Lavender & Lemon Drain Cleaner

Natural Lavender and Lemon Drain Cleaner

DIY Natural Lavender & Lemon Drain Cleaner Over time, food particles can accumulate in your drains and pipes causing them to smell, and smell badly! Sure you could pour various chemicals and cleaners down the drain in hopes of solving the problem, but do you really want those harsh chemicals in your home? You can [...]

Rosewater & Apple Face Mask

Rosewater and Apple Face Mask

Rosewater & Apple Face Mask Rosewater and apples both contain many properties that are known to soothe the skin and provide a refreshing feeling. When you combine the two, you get double the power! Below, you will find a simple recipe for Rosewater & Apple Face Mask, the perfect solution for tired and stressed skin. [...]

DIY Stain Remover

Stain Remover

Do you have stubborn stains in your clothing that won’t break free? Say goodbye to those stains when you give this DIY stain remover a try. Easy and inexpensive to make, this stain remover is gentle on your clothing but still blasts away at stains. Most recently, I made this product and used it on [...]

DIY Sweet Potato Face Mask

Sweet Potato Face Mask

DIY Sweet Potato Face Mask If you love the taste of sweet potatoes, you will love what they can do for your skin too! Sweet potatoes are chock full of vitamins and minerals that your body craves, and at the same time, it can also feed your skin to a healthy glow. Below, you will [...]

DIY Lemon Basil Counter Top Scrub

Lemon Basil Counter Top Scrub

DIY Lemon Basil Counter Top Scrub Are you tired of dirty kitchen counter tops? Do you think that harsh over the counter cleaners are the only solution? Well not so fast! With just a few simple household ingredients, you can whip up a batch of powerful Lemon Basil Counter Top Scrub that will not only [...]

How to Use Ice in your Beauty Routine

Use Ice in your Beauty Routine

How to Use Ice in Your Beauty Routine You may spend big bucks on beauty products each year, but did you know that one of the most helpful and effective beauty products you can use is right in your freezer? Ice is a wonderful product for incorporating into your beauty routine, and since you can [...]

Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Do your lips feel dry? Do they look dull? If your lips could use a little pick me up, the powers of coconut oil can surely do the trick. Coconut oil is one of nature’s remedies for dry, cracked lips that need moisture. You could buy your own pre made coconut oil lip balm, but [...]

DIY Silver Polish

DIY Natural Silver Cleaner

DIY Silver Polish If you are like me and you own silver cutlery, silver jewelry, or even antique silver pieces, you want to be sure you are taking proper care of them. Keeping your silver clean is a great way to make sure it lasts and always looks its best. But what is the best [...]

DIY Split Ends Treatment

Make your own Split Ends treatment at home

DIY Split Ends Treatment I color my hair on a monthly basis and it doesn’t take much for it to become dry and dull. Does your hair have ends that are splitting and fraying? Even if you don’t color your hair like I do, everyday styling and the use of irons and straightening products can [...]

Natural Hand and Nail Soak

DIY Natural Nail Soak

Natural Hand and Nail Soak Weather, stress, and daily household tasks can take a toll on your hands and nails. It won’t take much for your hands and nails to start looking dry, dull, and aged, which is a look that is never in fashion. Instead, beat the problem naturally when you make your own [...]