Cheesy Ranch Topping for French Bread

Are we ready for some F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L?! 
We are getting ready for the University of Oregon Ducks versus the Kansas State Wildcats on January 3, 2013 for the Fiesta Bowl! WOOHOO!! GO Ducks! :o) These Cheesy Ranch topped French Bread Slices will be on our table of goodies for sure! They are always a huge hit when I take them to a potluck, and of course we make them just for us at home too.
Cheesy Ranch Topping for French Bread
Cheesy Ranch Topping for French Bread
Here is what you will need:
3 cups Cheddar Cheese (I usually go by the consistency, so this is approximate.)
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 pkg Uncle Dan’s Ranch Dressing (You can use a different brand, or even make your own. )
Green Onion, chopped
French Bread
Cut the french bread lengthwise in half. Mix the cheddar cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, and dry ranch dressing together, until well combined. Put mixture on top of both slices of french bread, and top with green onion. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 30  minutes. You want the cheese to be fully melted. Let bread cool slightly, and then slice.
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  1. This looks so yummy!

  2. Mmmm! Looks delicious! I’d love some of this with a nice pasta dish! And thank you for bringing it by my FB party! xxx ~Danielle

    • I must have missed seeing your message Danielle! Thanks for checking it out. I am so happy it is staying light longer, by the time I get home it is dark, and all my photo’s have shadows. lol

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