Chevron Pumpkin Fall Decor

Chevron is still a very hot trend and when I saw this beautiful chevron and burlap ribbon in shades of orange and gold, I knew I needed to incorporate it into my Fall Décor and create a Chevron Fall Pumpkin!  It was so easy to create and will be able to be displayed through Thanksgiving or maybe even into early winter! 

Chevron Fall Pumpkin

Chevron Pumpkin Fall Decor


  • white artificial pumpkin of any size
  • burlap ribbon with chevron stripes (there were many to choose from at the craft store)
  • hot glue and glue gun

Chevron Pumpkin Supplies



Begin by measuring your pumpkin.  You will need the ribbon to be 3”-5” longer than needed to wrap around your pumpkin.

Cut your length of ribbon and tie a loose knot in the middle.  Do not pull it tight as you want to be the focal point of the ribbon.

Wrap the now knotted ribbon around your pumpkin and secure the ribbon at the back with a small amount of hot glue.  You may want to add a small amount of glue behind the knot at the front of the pumpkin as well.  This will keep the ribbon in place and will keep it from slipping or looking crooked. 

Let the hot glue dry and your pumpkin is ready to display!

I found some adorable glitter covered pumpkins at our dollar store and I love how nice they look together.  A display of several chevron pumpkins in various sizes would be beautiful too.  You could also use real pumpkins for this craft! 

This craft makes a very versatile fall decor piece that can be displayed in many ways.  They’d make a gorgeous centerpiece when paired with candles or fall leaves.  They would also make an elegant mantle display.  They would be perfect displayed near your front door or on your porch as welcoming outdoor fall décor!

How do you like to display pumpkins during the fall?

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