Denim Flower Tutorial Guest Post by Heather at Heatherly Loves

Please say a big welcome to our guest today, Heather from Heatherly Loves! Heather is the reason I just went through my goodwill bag and pulled out  A LOT of my clothes so I can make some gorgeous fabric/denim flowers! Thanks for being here today Heather!! ~Robyn

Denim Flower Tutorial Guest Post by Heather at Heatherly Loves

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be here, I blog over at Heatherly Loves. I am a full time Cashier, Asst. Store Trainer, and the Kids Club person at Maceys Grocery store. Along with working there I also sell Perfectly Posh, it’s a new company that just stared in October 2011 and there is already over 1000 consultants. It all about pampering and making and keeping you skin soft. What everyone loves, RIGHT!? Now in all that spare time that is left I blog about what makes me happy. My blog is a way for me to share with my friends and family and all my new blogging friends that I make along the way. :) I don’t have kids, my kids are dogs, a yellow lab, Jewel; black lab, Maizy; and calico cat, Sabriana. I also have a horse that lives with my parents right now in IL. Her name is Caydee, miss her! You will find me sharing what I call Animal Fun, I have made a rain coat for Jewel and that’s just the first thing I have to share, but I promise there will be more. Now, I always travel with my boyfriend Andrew. He flies model airplanes at competitions. To learn more click HERE. Airplanes surround my life! Hope to see you over at my blog and would love to have you follow me, or come by facebook page and follow me, and I have a Pinterest that you can also follow me with. Oh I almost forgot, I have a Twiiter account too!
Enough with the jibber jabber… Here is what I have to share with you all today.
Hot glue gun & hot glue
and something to have a circle shape
Start by taking your shape and tracing 8 circles on the underside of the jeans.
Cut the circles out.
Take one circle and fold it in half. Put a SMALL amount of hot glue in the middle of the fold.
You can see the pinch in the middle, that’s where the glue is.
Next, you will fold one of the sides of the circle towards the center.
Put a SMALL dab of glue at the bottom.
Do the same thing for the other side. It should now look like this.
Do that to all the circles.
Take a scrap piece of the jean and make a circle. You will then glue 4 pieces to the circle. Like you are putting a pie back together.
You should now have this, we will now add the other 4 pieces.
You will layer them on top of the gap {where my finger is where you will place the next one}. Continue to do this with the other 3.
Here comes the hard part, chose a button, rhinestone, bead… something to put in the middle.
You can now make this into a brooch, hair clip, put it on a headband. Put it on a gift as a bow… the possibilities are endless. Have fun with you new flower!
Thanks for having me Robyn, hope the studying is going well. GOOD LUCK!


  1. says

    This is such a cool ideaI have a lot of old jeans I can’t get into anymore (NOT good :-( ) so I could recycle them this way! Newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandra VanHoey says

    This might be one I could do, I could see me making lots of these for my granddaughters and I have 7 of them

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