DIY Christmas Star Holiday Decor

I love Holiday Decor of almost any kind but my favorite is DIY decor like this Christmas Star I made by upcycling a cabinet door I found at a thrift shop.  A few trim nails and some yarn, and this cabinet door is now a great addition to my holiday decor.  The whole project cost was under $5 and took less than 30 minutes to make!

Christmas Star Holiday Decor

DIY Christmas Star Holiday Decor 


  • 1 cabinet door from a thrift shop – a slab of wood or other large piece of wood will work too.  Painted if necessary.
  • yarn – I used red and 2 shades of green in various weights.  The strand length will vary based on how big your board is. 
  • 5 trim nails
  • hammer 


This project couldn’t be much easier to make.  If your board or cabinet door needs to be painted, do this ahead of time and allow it to dry completely before making the star. 

Begin by deciding the size you would like your star.  Carefully hammer the 5 trim nails into the wood.  One should be centered in the top, one on each side, and two at the bottom. 

Holiday Decor Christmas Star

I chose trim nails that were about the same color as my door so that they would be less noticeable. 

Next, gather the 3 colors of yarn together and wrap them around the nails just as you would draw a star.  Start by securing the yarn around the top nail.  Be sure to leave 6-10″ at the start for tying off later.  Run the yarn downward and wrap it around the bottom left nail then upward and around the right nail.  Pull the yarn across the board and around the left nail then down and around the bottom right.  Finally bring the yarn back up to meet the yarn at your starting point.  

Tie the yarn together at the top of the star, creating a bow.  Trim the ends of the yarn to be roughly the same length.  

This would be beautiful displayed on a mantel or hung on the wall!

Variations you may consider would be using ribbon instead of yarn or rough pallet wood in place of the cabinet door.  Use what you have on hand or can find at thrift stores to make it inexpensive and fun!

Do you have a great upcycled holiday craft? I’d love to hear about your ideas!


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