DIY Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil

DIY Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil

When you clean your home, you want to not only leave it feeling cleaner but smelling fresh as well. You may think that only pricey over the counter products can achieve this goal for you, but the truth is there is a better way to get your home clean for less while also using less chemicals. Making your own home cleaning products is not only efficient and frugal, but it is a lot gentler on the planet too.

Today I am sharing a simple recipe for DIY Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil, a concoction that will have your furniture clean and shiny in no time. 

Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil

DIY Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil

Supplies needed:
1 cup of olive oil
2 tablespoons of water
1 lemon, peeled
1 teaspoon of dried lavender crushed, or 2-3 fresh sprigs
Storage bottle with tight lid

1. Begin by pouring your olive oil directly into the bottle. You can use an extra light olive oil, or just a regular grade olive oil is fine too.
2. Add two tablespoons of water. You will see the water and oil separate in the bottle. This is fine and should not be of concern.
3. Squeeze the juice of your peeled lemon into the liquid.
4. Slice the remaining peel into slivers or strips and press them into the bottle as well.
5. Finally, add your dried lavender. If using fresh, just place the whole sprig (rinsed well) in the bottle.

Replace the lid and now shake the mixture well. I like to allow the mixture to sit for a few days before I use it. This way, the lemon oils have time to mix into the water.

When you are ready to use your homemade furniture oil, all you need to do is shake it well. Apply a few dabs of the oil to a soft cloth and gently wipe it on your furniture. Keep using a circular motion (test a small spot first), allowing the oil to moisturize the wood while the lemon oils cut through grime. The lavender will release its luscious scent, and your final result is that your wood furniture is clean, shiny, and smells great.

Give this DIY Lemon & Lavender Furniture Oil a try and let me know what you thought of it!


  1. says

    I like using the olive oil for a furniture polish – it works well. I have a couple of other recipes I use that have the olive oil in them. I will have to try this one – thanks for sharing it.

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    I am so glad I found this post on the Fluster Buster link up! I have been looking for a recipe for a long time now and I think this just may be the one! Can’t wait to whip it up. Thanks so much! Pinning!

  3. says

    My dad, to this day, gets on me about oiling my furniture. I make my own cleaners, so I’ll be happy to tell him that I found a DIY oil for my furniture!

    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays!


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