DIY Movie Lover Gift Basket

DIY gift basket for the movie lover on your list.

DIY Movie Lover Gift Basket

If you have a person on your gift list this year that loves movies, make them a special gift with a do-it-yourself basket. In this basket you can place both bought and made items to make the recipient feel special for the time and effort you put into making that perfect gift for them.

Cheap Movies

Ok, just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are BAD. You can hit up the bargain bin at most retail or electronic stores and find some great classics on sale, especially this time of year. The old Willy Wonka movie, for example, was just in a local bargain bin. Pick up a few classics like this and keep them together by tying red ribbon around them.

A Homemade Pillow

There’s nothing better than curling up under a blanket and getting comfy for a movie. Make the movie lover on your list a homemade pillow to enjoy their movies in comfort. You can even make it in a fabric printed with characters of their favorite movie to make it special.


Buy an inexpensive pair of slippers for $5 or less and monogram them with the recipient’s initials in fabric paint. You can even throw in a pair of comfy, thick socks to add to the comfort of this package.

A Small Package of Soda

You can find a four-pack of small sodas for around $2 and throw it in to sweetenthe gift basket. We all know how exepnsive those cokes at a theater are, so let your gift receiver enjoy a coke with their movie that costs them nothing!

Popcorn and Snacks

Add in a few bags of microwavable popcorn and make a homemade party mix, some fudge, and a few other snacks to round out the package. You can get creative with the snacks and even make them in shapes (for cookies or fudge). Place them in brightly colored jars and bags to make it look colorful.

The Basket

Instead of just a basket, place these items in a large bowl that can double as a popcorn bowl. This will up the fun of this package, and a plastic bowl can be bought for around $3 and then decorated any way you like.

What’s your favorite DIY gift for Christmas?


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