DIY Natural Lavender & Lemon Drain Cleaner

DIY Natural Lavender & Lemon Drain Cleaner

Over time, food particles can accumulate in your drains and pipes causing them to smell, and smell badly! Sure you could pour various chemicals and cleaners down the drain in hopes of solving the problem, but do you really want those harsh chemicals in your home? You can actually clean and freshen up your drains and disposals in a way that is much more natural and cost effective. For just pennies, you can whip up your own Natural Lavender and Lemon Drain Cleaner perfect for getting the job done. Take a look!


Natural Lavender and Lemon Drain Cleaner

DIY Natural Lavender & Lime Drain Cleaner

Supplies needed:
2 cups of White Vinegar
1 medium Lemon
1 tablespoon of Baking Soda
2-3 sprigs of fresh or dried Lavender OR 3-4 drops of lavender oil

The amount created by the recipe above is enough to clean one sink. If you want to try this recipe on multiple sinks/drains in your home, you can always double or triple the recipe as needed.

1. Begin by squeezing the juice from one lemon into a bowl. You can then take a zester and remove a few teaspoons worth of zest from the peel. If you don’t feel like taking the time to zest, you can always toss a few peels into a food processor and chop them until a thick paste is formed.
2. Add the lemon juice and zest to the 2 cups of white vinegar. Mix well. Follow up by adding the tablespoon of baking soda.
3. Add the springs of lavender to soak in the mixture or pour in your drops of oil. Allow the mixture to rest for an hour so the oils have time to permeate the liquid. You will notice some settling of the zest, this is perfectly normal.

When you are ready to use your Lavender & Lemon Drain Cleaner, simply pour the contents down the drain of choice. The vinegar will cut away at grease and grime while the baking soda absorbs odors. The lemon will also help cut away at debris while leaving a fresh scent combined with the lavender.

Say goodbye to smelly sinks. Give this easy recipe a try!


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    • says

      Julie, We have a septic tank too. I have been using it without any problems. Everything in the recipe would be stuff that would go down the drain in other instances, so I think it would be fine.

  1. says

    This looks fantastic. I hate using chemical concoctions and every time I find a new solution for cleaning more naturally, I snap it up. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m looking forward to trying this! Pinned.

  2. says

    Robyn, I love this! I have made a list of all the cleaners I use, and have been slowly replacing them with greener, healthier alternatives (like the dishwasher detergent I made!). I love the idea of a green drain cleaner (the other kind is scary to me!), and will definitely try it. Be blessed!

  3. says

    I could definitely use a jar of this right now! I always seem to have stinky sinks ;-) I’d love for you to share this at my Creative Ways Link Party when you get a chance.

  4. Cynthia says

    I love natural alternatives to cleaners. My sinks will definitely thank you for this. Thank you for linking at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you again next week.

  5. says

    I’m going to try that out! My sinks always get so clogged. I have tried a lot of different products. Some of them work, but it can become expensive. It would be nice to just make my own cleaner from ingredients I have around my house.

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