DIY Paper Doily Valentine’s Day Bowl

DIY Paper Doily Valentine’s Day Bowl

DIY Valentine's Day Bowl

It seems as though Valentine’s Day and paper doilies go hand in hand, don’t they? This easy craft can be made for under $3, or under $2 if you already have the glue! Just pick up a package of pink and red doilies for a dollar each at your local dollar store. This DIY Paper Doily Valentine’s Day Bowl is the perfect accent to your holiday décor. I put pretty pink and white decorative balls inside my bowl, but you could put Valentine’s Day candy, or Valentine’s Day cards in your’s. You could even put a nice bouquet of (fake) flowers in the bowl!

Paper Doily Valentine’s Day Bowl

Supplies needed:
Paper doily hearts
Elmers Craft Glue
A glass bowl
No stick cooking spray

We were able to find both the glue and hearts at our local dollar store. A medium sized glass bowl is perfect for this project, so you can grab one at either your dollar store as well or just grab one from your kitchen!

1. Begin by applying a light spray of non-stick cooking spray to the inside of your bowl.
2. In a separate bowl, pour in your craft glue.
3. Dip one heart at a time into the bowl of glue. Use your fingers to wipe away an excess glue. You want each heart to be covered with a nice, thin layer of glue. Move quickly so the heart does not become saturated, but just coated with the glue.
4. Place the heart in the bowl so the point (at the bottom of the heart) is at the bottom of the bowl and the arches of the heart are at the top.
5. Repeat this process, layering on hearts until the inside of the bowl is covered.
6. Place the bowl near a vent or fan where it can get some air and start the drying process.
7. When the bowl is dry, the hearts will harden and the glue should dry clear. You can now gently peel the hearts from the bowl.

You will notice that your doilies have hardened and are now in a lovely bowl shape. Fill it with your choice of Valentine’s Day goodies. 

As you can see, this is one frugal and fun Valentine’s Day craft you won’t want to miss. Gather your supplies and give this DIY project a try!


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