DIY Pocket Organizer: Guest Post by JoAnne from Wine Lady Cooks

Please welcome our guest today, JoAnne from Wine Lady Cooks. I really like this idea that she is sharing with us today. I love having everything organized! Thanks JoAnne!! ~Robyn

 DIY Pocket Organizer: Guest Post by JoAnne from Wine Lady Cooks

If you have school age children the front or side of your fridge might look something like this. This is o.k. if this system works for you, but I’m thinking to myself now that summer is over and a new school year is starting I want to start with a clean slate. Yep, it’s time to clean off last semester’s stuff and start anew. I’m making a DIY pocket organizer so I can find all the little notes and appointment cards — just what I need and maybe you will find it helpful as well. All the teacher’s notes, doctor appointment cards, birthday invitations, play dates and after-school activities, and yes, the cutest summer photo you want to keep just for a little while longer will all be in one place.

The DIY pocket organizer on the left is one I made for my niece. I used an old frame I had in the basement and my niece loved this fabric so I used it for her organizer. The colors are perfect for girls of any age. I like making this kind of project because it can be customized to your color scheme or when the season changes again you can easily change colors accordingly. You can complete this project in an hour, it’s really easy. Measuring the sizes for the pockets may take some time, but it shouldn’t be something you stress over. The material I used for this tutorial is a vinyl that I had left from another project. I didn’t have a large enough picture frame but I did have a couple of sheets of poster board so that’s what I used.


You can hang this DIY pocket organizer in an office, your craft room, or hang it up near your computer. The pockets can be personalized for each member of the family. The number of ways to personalize this is limitless.

Here are the DIY details:
    • Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the frame or poster board you will be using. I used poster board and cut it 20″ x 15″. Cut the fabric or material you are using to 22″ x 17″. The extra fabric will be folded over to create a finished look.
    • Using spray adhesive according to directions, spray the poster board or backing and adhere the material to the adhesive, smoothing out the material with your hands for a secure bond.

      When the front is adhered to the board turn over the edges to the back and glue in place (see (b)above).

    • Using the extra fabric, cut 4 additional strips of fabric to the same width as the frame – for this tutorial the strips should be 22 inches in length. These will be the pockets and they should be cut approximately 4 inches in height.
    • For a finished look glue ribbon or bias tape to the top edge of each strip.
    • Layout the strips for the pockets on the board. Starting at the top, measure 6 inches toward the center and position the first pocket strip at that point.

      Overlap the strips as shown above, measuring the distance between strips for an even look.

    • To create the pocket glue the bottom edge of each strip to the fabric base with a glue appropriate for the material you are using.
    • When the glue dries on the pockets fold over the excess material to the back of the poster board and glue or tape the edges for a clean and secure finish.

      This is what the back of the organizer will look like.

  • If you are using a picture frame, cut off the excess material(you shouldn’t fold over the excess to the back) and place the board into the frame using the frame clips to secure in place.

Robyn, thank you for having me this week.  I had a great time and hope we can do this again. Happy Crafting! Winelady Cooks


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    I need to make one of those before school starts. I’m usually a bit organized at the start of September, but I quickly disintegrate into complete disorganization.

    I’m visiting from the Naptime Review Hop and I’m now following you via GFC, FB, and G+. Hope you can come visit us and reciprocate. Pls. check out our Big (8 blogs) Book Giveaway. Cheers,


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