DIY T-Shirt Scrap Headband

Usually when I start my spring cleaning one of the first things I do, is to go threw all of my clothes and start a goodwill pile. Most years I just give it away and don’t think twice about it. This year, however, I thought it would be fun to recycle some of my T-Shirts and this is the project that I came up with. So, gather up those t-shirts you no longer wear, and make one or two, or three of these cute DIY T-Shirt Scrap Headbands! This would make a great DIY gift for someone on their birthday, for Christmas, or even just because. I know my little granddaughter, daughter, and daughter in law would love to get them. 

DIY T-Shirt Scrap Headband

DIY T-Shirt Scrap Headband


  • 3 pieces of black t-shirt cut to approximate 2” wide & 24” long

  • 3 pieces of white t-shirt cut to approximately 2” wide & 24” long

  • Additional t-shirt scraps in smaller pieces for creating flowers

  • Needle & thread (and sewing machine if available)

  • Scissors  

T-shirt Scraps

Step 1 Sew or secure together with a knot the six strips of fabric.  Separate the strips into thirds, each strand containing a strip of each color.

Step 2 Using a simple braid, braid all pieces together.

Step 3 Braid until you’ve reached the end of the strands and sew ends together.

Step 4 Turn the headband inside out and sew the opposite ends together.

Step 5 Begin twisting & rolling a strip of fabric for the first flower.  Start a coil by and tacking it together with your needle and thread.  Continue to roll and twist into the coil, tacking it together until you’ve created a flower the size you desire.  T-Shirt Scrap FlowersT-Shirt Headband Flowers

Step 7 Repeat with additional sizes & colors of strips to create a desired number of flowers.

Step 8 Lastly, sew the flowers to the braided band with your needle and thread, making sure to secure well.

I hope you will find the steps easy to follow! Happy Upcycling! 


  1. says

    Robin, I love this idea! I actually wear a lot of headbands – it’s my secret weapon right before it’s time to go to go to the stylist! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend and pinned to our party board. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sandra VanHoey says

    You’re good and what a creative mind you have. I have about zero talent and the only thing I could do and did great at was some crocheting of baby afghans. Just not creative at all. I would love to attemtp this since I have somany granddaughers and it is adorable

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