DIY All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

DIY All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Store bought toilet cleaners work great, but they have a lot of  toxic chemicals in them. Toilet bowl cleaners are also not safe to use in homes where there are pets or small children, as they often like to play in the toilet. Instead of taking a risk, why not try making your own DIY toilet bowl cleaner instead? It is easier than you may think, and you will still get the sparkling clean toilet bowl you are wanting. Take a look at how to whip up a batch!

DIY All Natural Toilet Cleaner

DIY All Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Supplies needed:
1 denture cleaning tablet
1 medium lemon
1 cup of vinegar
½ cup of baking soda

As you can see, these are all natural ingredients that won’t pose any health hazards to pets or children. This is a toilet bowl cleaner you can use that will bring you peace of mind and save you some pennies!

1. Begin by crushing the denture tablet and stirring it in with the baking soda. Set aside.
2. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the vinegar. Set aside.
3. You do not want to combine the two mixtures now until you are ready to clean your toilet, as a chemical reaction will happen causing bubbling and fizzing. Don’t worry though, it is this reaction that will get your toilet clean!
4. Pour the contents of both mixtures into your toilet. Work quickly to use your toilet brush to scrub any areas that need it.
5. Allow the mixture to set for about 10-15 additional minutes. Flush.

You will notice that grime has been washed away and a sparkling toilet bowl is what remains. The best part? Your water is now safe should animals find their way into it or a curious child decides to play.

Gather your supplies and give this frugal yet very effective DIY toilet bowl cleaner a try. It is a great way to get your bathroom clean in a way that is safe and natural!


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  1. says

    I love cleaning with natural ingredients that are safe for the home and family. Yours sounds great.

    Thank you for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!


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