DIY Upcycled Learning Center

DIY Upcycled Learning Center

Easy upcycle Learning Center

It is back to school time, which means you will need a place to keep your learning supplies organized. Create this easy upcycled learning center easily and inexpensively, using a letter holder and a few common materials. It is the perfect way to keep your supplies in once place, while adding a little style to your space. Take a look below at how to craft one!

Here is what you will need:
Letter holder (metal or wood, found at most thrift shops or even in your own garage!)
Spray paint
Hot glue, glue gun
Assorted school supplies, craft supplies, books, etc.

Learning Center
1. Begin by cleaning the letter holder well so the paint will adhere. A basic cleaning spray and towel will work.

Learning Center
2. Apply two coats of spray paint. We chose a simple white but you can choose any color that reflects you and your space.

Learning Center
3. Using a complimentary colored ribbon, cut strips to attach to the edge of each letter holder.
4. Run a length of hot glue along the edge of each holder and press the ribbon to it firmly. Make sure it adheres. Work quickly, as the glue will dry quite fast on the hard surface.
5. If there are any openings to the holder (ours had one at the bottom) create a shelf by running more ribbon across the space and secure it to the back of the holder with glue.
Learning Center
You can now place your materials such as books, craft supplies, flash cards, writing utensils and more into the learning center. You will find how easy it is to keep them all organized and in one child friendly place now. If your holder has hooks, you can even attach your center to a wall.

Give this easy and inexpensive upcycled learning center a try. It is a great way to get ready for the new school year for less.


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