Dr. Seuss DIY: Perfect Party Hat

Dr. Seuss DIY: Perfect Party Hat

You can’t have a party without party hats, so take a peek below at how to make these Dr. Seuss perfect party hats! Easy to make and inexpensive to enjoy, these hats are the perfect treat for your party guests. Let them make their own, or have them ready for when guests arrive. The choice is yours! Now take a look at how to get started.

Dr. Seuss DIY Party hat
Dr. Seuss Perfect Party Hat

Supplies needed:
Blue paper party hats
Blue scrapbook paper
Seuss book color copies
Pipe cleaners
Craft pom poms
Craft glue

We were able to find the scrapbook paper from our sample picture at Hobby Lobby for around .25 cents a sheet. For the color copies, you can either cut designs from a Dr. Seuss book from your local thrift store, or, make color copies of one you already have. The choice is up to you and your preferences. The pipe cleaners and pom poms can be found at your local dollar store, while the party hats can be found at most craft stores and party supply stores.

1. Begin by cutting out a circle from the scrapbook paper. Glue it to the front of the hat.
2. From your color copies, cut out one of the designs that appeals to you. We chose a whimsical Cat print. Glue it over the circle.
3. Take a few green pipe cleaners and glue craft pom poms to the end. These will be your Truffula trees. Add some glue to the bottom of the pipe cleaners and secure them under the circle. You can then go and twist the tree branches a bit if you want to add some whimsy.

Pretty easy, right? Your Seuss themed party hat is now ready to be enjoyed. There should be an elastic on each hat so guests can pop one on and go. If not, staple or glue some ribbon or string so guests may tie them on.

Gather your supplies and give these easy Seuss party hats a try. They are a fun and frugal way to enjoy the wonderful world of Seuss.

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