Easy DIY Easter Candle Decorations For Your Table

Remember back in February when I showed you how to decorate your own candles? I sure hope you saved your candles! Because you need to get them back out, so we can decorate them, and put them on our tables for Easter! For those of you that missed that post, no worries! This is a very easy and quick craft. In fact, it is so easy you can have the kids help you with it. They would probably love getting to decorate the candles themselves. I know mine loved showing off all of their work. Who doesn’t love hearing, “What a good job you did!”


DIY Easter Candle Decorations


Easy DIY Easter Candle Decorations For Your Table

Here is what you need:

White Candles, however many you want to decorate.

Easter Ribbon and Embellishments

Spray Adhesive ( I love this stuff!)

You first need to cut the ribbon. I just wrapped my ribbon around my candle, marked it and cut it. I then used that first piece as a guide to cut all of my other ribbon. 

Next, I laid one piece of ribbon down at a time, on top of a piece of paper,  and sprayed the back side with the spray adhesive, and then place the ribbon where I wanted it on the candle.

Lastly, I decorated each candle with the embellishments I had chosen. 

That’s it! Super easy and quick! 

DIY Easter Candles


Have a great Easter! 


  1. Jessica Snow says

    Awe, these are absolutely precious. I know Easter is now over, but I’m going to give them a try. =)

  2. Maria Iemma says

    I saw your post on Saturday and I decided to make them for my Easter Buffet table. They looked great! Thank you for the great idea.

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