5 Fall Decor Tips

5 Fall Decor Tips

Getting the house ready for fall can sometimes seem monotonous. This year will be different because there are tons of things you can do to prepare your home for fall without spending a ton of money. Check out these ideas:

#1. Pumpkins

Decorating the house with pumpkins is one way you can get your home ready for fall. The best part of pumpkins is that you can decorate them anyway you’d like. Feel free to paint the pumpkin and make it as pretty or ugly as you’d like.

#2. Leaf Decor

Nothing says fall décor like leaves. Make sure you incorporate leaves into your fall décor because it’s incredibly simple. You can make a fall wreath out of fake fall leaves, or even make a centerpiece for your living room table.

#3. Colors are Everything

If you’ve never decorated your home for fall, you should know that colors are everything. You need the right tones to help complete the fall look within your home. You’ll want to pick out reds, tans, oranges, and yellows to help achieve that fall décor look.

#4. Table Decorations

One of the best places to help you decorate for fall is the kitchen table. You can make your own flower arrangements and also place a table cloth on the table to give your kitchen an even greater fall feel. You can also place your “fall” dishes on the table to give it an even deeper decorated look. There are tons of small things you can do to make your home feel more autumn-like.

#5. Front Door

Decorating the front door is one way to have fun with fall décor this year. Take your front door and paint it a fall-like color. Doors are really easy to paint, so this won’t be a décor issue for later in the year. You can place your leaf wreath on the door and even add fall type garland to the frame of the door.

What fall décor tips do you have to add?


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