Five Finishing Touches for Your Home

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Five Finishing Touches for Your Home

Buying a sofa, a new carpet or wooden floor, or kitting out your kitchen with a new oven or washing machine are some of the main jobs that you will need to do when you are refurbishing your home. However there are also a number of things that are easy to forget about in order to add those all-important finishing touches – these are often the things that really turn your house into a home.

Here are five ‘finishing touches’ that you need to consider getting…

Photo frames

One of the things that can give your house a more personal feel is some photos dotted around, whether that be on the walls or placed on your cabinets in the living room. Of course, you can’t have photo prints just stuck to the walls with Blu-Tac – you need to get some suitable photo frames which blend into the decor and theme of the room. These days you can find frames in a range of styles and colours, and if you are of the more technical persuasion you can also get digital photo frames which rotate your pictures on a slide-show.


Clocks are a feature which ooze personality and can really help to complement the overall look and feel of a room. They also come in a range of budgets; from your standard wall clocks to antique pieces like grandfather clocks – the most important thing is that it suits the theme that you are trying to achieve in the room that it is placed in.


Another feature which helps to give a room a little bit of extra sparkle, some well-chosen, quality lighting can add a touch of class, create discussion with your visitors, as well as the obvious of providing the all-important light that you need to make your room a liveable space. If on a budget try to think about what you can use to complement your lights, such as an interesting lamp-shades, while if you have a bit more to spend think about the type of lighting decorations you can use; whether that be simple, designer styles or more opulent glass hanging features.


A well-placed plant can add a bit of life to any room, providing an alternative focal point to the television or fireplace, as well as an additional bit of colour. Plants are also proven to help people feel more awake, mainly due to the fact that they give provide all-important oxygen into the room.

Radiator cabinets

A home can be decorated in many beautiful ways, yet we all need heating when it comes to those cold winter months – unfortunately the main source of this heat comes from radiators, which are never the most attractive of features, no matter what your house looks like. One solution to this problem is installing radiator cabinets; these can cover your radiators when they are not in use and help them blend in with the rest of the decor in the room.  

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