Free Thanksgiving Printables

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Printables

Whether you are having a big crowd over for Thanksgiving that you want to impress, or you just want to amp up your decorations for the immediate family this year, I have a beautiful FREE set of printables for you. These are great for a last minute way to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner. The printables include; a banner, blank 3×3 tags, blank place card, Happy Thanksgiving 3×3 tag, Happy Thanksgiving place card, and a menu.

Created in gorgeous fall colors that will look beautiful with your existing décor; silk leaves, pumpkins, gourds and pretty fall colored candles. Print the banner on card stock and hang it on your porch to welcome guests, on the kids table, over a doorway or anywhere else it will be front and center for your celebration. Tape it to twine or raffia ribbons for a more rustic look. You could even use little clothes pins that can be found at your local craft store.

Thanksgiving Printables

The blank tags are perfect for labeling leftovers to send home with your guests, use them to label your dishes, or tape them to a stick and pop them in cupcakes or other desserts for a topper. Another fabulous way to use these is to pass several out to everyone and have them write something they are thankful for on each one- take turns reading them off around the table. Use the Happy Thanksgiving printed tags to modge podge on plain glass candle holders, or tuck them in treats to be delivered to neighbors.

You have the option of blank table toppers to designate seats or a set printed with “Happy Thanksgiving”- leave these as they are without names or add a name below the greeting. The kids, if they are able, can write their own names for the kiddie table.

Print the menu, pop it in a 8×10 frame (pick up a simple one at Dollar Tree). Use a dry erase marker to list your Thanksgiving fare. I plan on using mine twice, once to list everything I am making and check it off as I prepare it, and then I’ll rewrite and use it on the counter amid the prepared dishes for added decoration. I might even use it to decorate the dessert table, and list each dessert that is available.

Below you will find all of the .pdf’s for the Free Thanksgiving Printables. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading or printing them!

Thanksgiving Banner

Happy Thanksgiving 3×3 Tag

Happy Thanksgiving Place Card

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Blank Place Card

Thanksgiving Blank 3×3 Tag

Enjoy these printables and the special day with your family!


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