Frozen Birthday Party and Elsa Cape Giveaway!

Elsa Cape

It all started with the innocent gift of the Frozen Soundtrack…  We hadn’t seen Frozen yet.  Just not in the budget to take the whole family to the movie theater.  We had decided to wait until it hit the $2 theater.  Friends of ours gave us the soundtrack and we began listening to it in the car.  Then the almost 8 year old got the brilliant idea to check YouTube to see if there were any videos.  Oh my.  I am pretty sure we make up over half of the views on “Let It Go.”  Insanity.

The girls’ birthday (yes, both girls) was just a week away and I still had no game plan.  And then it came to me (while a Frozen YouTube video was playing in the background, of course).  Frozen Birthday Party!!  Both girls love it.  I can totally sell them on a “double” party. Bam!

And then began the scouring of Pinterest for inspiration (and ideas I could copy). :)  So… I promise — I can’t take credit for all of these ideas.  And I’ll be honest about that.  Look for links to the original idea creator.  There were so many great ideas!! Here’s what I did:

My modification was that I cut a carrot nose out of construction paper.  And I didn’t trust my freehand to draw the mouth.  So I printed this, cut out the mouth and tucked it into the white bag and traced over it with a sharpie.
The inspiration for these little bags came from the Olaf Valentine’s that are all over the internet.  I’m not going to link to one because who really knows who the original idea creator was. :)  There are so many variations.  I used Microsoft Word and created my own pieces… then I took scrapbook paper from Michael’s and pieced them together.
There isn’t an exact formula for creating the treat bag — It’s more about the size that you want it to be. I took the Ziploc baggie and then put a piece of scrapbook paper overtop and folded it over.  Once I determined my size, I was able to cut out multiple pieces at a time.  I glued on the Olaf graphic and words.  I filled the baggie with 3 large marshmallows, 6 pretzel sticks, 8-10 mini chocolate chips, and a piece of candy corn.  Then I punched the holes in the top of the paper and baggie and used a ribbon (from Michael’s $1 ribbon section) to secure each baggie.
Loved these water bottles and searched around for a free water bottle cover that I liked, but didn’t find one.  So what do you do?  You make one yourself!  I just used Microsoft Word to create it.  It took a bit of printing and adjusting to get it right, but in the end, I think we did okay. 
I attached paper straws with ribbon.  The ribbon was nice and sparkly, but it left little trails of glitter everywhere.  I’d probably go with a non-glitter ribbon next time. ;)
I got a ton of great ideas from the Paging Supermom blog (link above).  I found them on Pinterest and was able to incorporate a lot of their ideas into this party. You’ll see a few more below.
Snow & Ice Bath Salts are such a cute idea for a party favor.  I had them on my list of “to-dos” for this party and then scratched them as it got closer because of the cost.  See… on the blog linked above, they are super cute little jars, with labels, etc.  And I just didn’t want to go to the extra expense of buying containers and labels.  And then… I walked into Michael’s the night before the party to grab a couple of last minute things and they had a giant bin of 50 cent clearance.  I found these little bags (4 for 50 cents) and I found 2 containers of bath salts.  What?!?!  Made these cute little tags in Microsoft Word and added bath salts to the party treat bags.
These great food signs also came from Paging Supermom!  With the exception of Sven’s Antlers and Frozen Hearts.  But LOVED this idea of using a Styrofoam ball cut in half to hold the labels.  It looked so cute.
Frozen Birthday Banner
This one was an original. ;) Printed big letters and then cut them out and glued them to these triangles.  The template for those came from here.  I just used curling ribbon and weaved it through to hang.  You could go much cuter with this idea… it was a last minute thing for me.  Decided to do it the night before.  That’s how I roll.
Frozen Fruit Sculpture
Our kids don’t get birthday cakes until they turn 5.  Until then, we do fruit sculptures.  We’ve done Ironman, Super Mario Brothers, Ariel, Dumbo, etc.  I kept this one really simple.  And honestly, almost didn’t even do it.  Having children who share the same birthday is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.  But at the last minute, I decided I could manage it.  Yeah… 3 hours before party started.  Cause remember?  That’s how I roll. 
One thing I have learned is that Rice Krispie Treats make an excellent base for the sculpture.  I make a batch, let it cool slightly and then mold it into the shape I want.  Cover with foil (an optional step — I do it because I don’t want my kids to discover there is Rice Krispie underneath. I don’t share my Rice Krispie treats.)
Cut fruit and attach to sculpture with toothpicks.  I picked up this set of action figurines from the Disney Store to top the sculpture.  I just did a simple heart shape for the base.
The Table
I decorated the table with a purple tablecloth, covered with a strip of that mesh “stuff” found in Michael’s. I’m sure there is a technical term for it, but it is escaping me at the moment.  I chose the iridescent color…  The frames came from the Dollar Tree and I used the free printables from the Paging Supermom blog.
Found the platters at the Dollar Tree too — their Easter section.
Kaiya wanted cake balls instead of a cake.  And I was happy because that fit perfectly into the Frozen theme. We just called them “snowballs” instead of cake balls.  A friend made them for me and they turned out awesome!
We did two activities during the party.  We had a manicure station and gave the girls Frozen manicures using nail wraps from Jamberry.  We went with the “Teal Sparkle” but there are soooo many options. 
We also made snow glitter playdough.  I used this recipe.  We left it white colored and then the kids added iridescent glitter to make it sparkle.  We had baggies on hand to put playdough into and then they were put into the kids’ treat bags.
Yummy Snow Balls!

I think my cousin Rachel did an awesome job with her girl’s Frozen Birthday party, don’t you?! Her girls loved the frozen movie so much that Rachel started making and selling these adorable Elsa capes.

She is even giving one of my lucky winners a FREE ELSA CAPE! ($20.00 Value)

Elsa Cape


Elsa Cape 2

Elsa Cape 3

Elsa Cape 4

Here is what Rachel says about these adorable Elsa Capes on her Etsy Page!

This cape was inspired by Disney’s Frozen. My girls are obsessed and both have birthdays coming up. I could not find any Frozen dress up items in the stores because it’s so popular! So… I decided to make my own.

We have fallen in love with this Elsa cape! It’s perfect for dressing up, twirling around and reenacting “Let It Go.” Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Available in several different lengths. Measure from the neck down to find the right size for your little one. And remember… it’s okay if it is a little long. Little girls love draping capes. And it will last longer with room to grow.

The fabric is iridescent light blue (aqua) organza. Ribbon is silver 100% polyester. Ribbon may vary from pictured, depending on availability of what I can purchase at the store. It will be always be a sparkly silver ribbon!

Don’t want to wait and see if you win the Elsa Cape?

No problem! Head over and check out Rachel’s Etsy Store, 3SweetK!

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  1. barbara n says

    Such cute ideas for a Frozen party…I am going to incorporate them into an end of year party for my daughter’s friends!

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