How to Get Rid of the Grime in Your Fridge


Getting rid of the grime in your fridge is no easy task; in fact it can be quite frightening. Removing grime from the fridge can be done in several steps. Start your fridge journey cleaning right here:

#1. Use Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Using your own cleaning supplies that you’ve made is one way to begin cleaning out the grime in your fridge. You know that no chemicals will be making their way into the fridge and your food, so it’s a win-win.

#2. Use a Clean Rag

It might be tempting to use the rag that’s in the sink from this morning; however, it is best if you get a new rag from the clean laundry. You’re cleaning out a place where you store food, so you do not want to spread any germs around. Don’t forget how many germs hang out on washcloths that are left in the sink, not to mention the odor.

#3. Say Goodbye to Expired Products

The products you have in your fridge that are expired are no better than the ones in your pantry. Make sure you check the expiration dates on all of your condiments to ensure they are still consumable. It’s also wise to get rid of any “leftovers” containers in your fridge. It’s common to forget about the containers that are stacked in fridges because everything slowly gets pushed back.

#4. Scrub Those Drawers

You might not understand the amount of grime that’s in those lower drawers. Physically take the drawers out of the fridge, carry then over to the sink, and wash them out with soap and water. Allow them to thoroughly dry before you put them back into the fridge.

Cleaning out your fridge is important for the health of your family. If you clean it out on a regular basis, you have a better chance of keeping your family healthier.

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