Gingerbread Cookie Body Butter

Who doesn’t love a delicious smelling body butter, especially during the holidays. A lot of the “spa” products you will find in the chain stores contain a lot of ingredients that are toxic to the body, some are even known to cause cancer! The good news is you can enjoy your very own spa quality body butter with a delicious holiday fragrance that you can make and enjoy year round without the toxic junk. Just a few simple ingredients is all you need to make this luxurious body butter. This makes the perfect holiday gift along with my Gingerbread Cookie Lip Balm and Gingerbread Coffee Sugar Scrub that I will be posting later in the month. 

Gingerbread Cookie Body Butter


Tools you will need

  • Glass mixing bowl like a large pyrex measuring cup, or a quart sized mason jar.
  • Sauce pan that the glass bowl or mason jar will fit in without getting water into it.
  • Mixer. Although a stand mixer is easier, this can be made with a good hand mixer as well.


  1. Fill the sauce pan about half way with water. Be sure when you put the measuring cup or mason jar in filled that water does not get in. This is creating a double boiler type melting solution so you don’t over heat the oil. Turn the stove top temperature to medium low. You want the water at a simmer, not a rolling boil.
  2. Place all of the ingredients EXCEPT the essential oils into the glass container, put that into the pan, and let the oils and butter melt together.
  3. Once everything is melted remove it from the heat, pour it into your mixing bowl, and let it cool. This can take some time. I find the easiest and quickest way to let the body butter cool is by putting it outside when it is cold or you can put it in the freezer. You want the oil mixture to start to solidify around the edges and on the top, but not harden throughout.
  4. Once the oil mixture is the correct consistency add the essential oils and place it in the mixer and mix on the “whip” setting if you have it, or just the highest setting.
  5. Whipping the body butter usually takes 5-10 minutes, depending on how well you let it cool. If it isn’t whipping up well, let it cool for a few more minutes then try again.
  6. When it is whipped to form soft peaks, place it in a sterilized jar and label it.


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