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Today’s Guest on Robyn’s View is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Woman!
I am very proud to introduce you to my Aunt Gayla. (aka The Jewel Seeker)
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I want to say a big THANK YOU Gayla for being my first Guest!
I am so excited to have you here!

“Art is a universal language, and through imagery that is understood and recognized by all people everywhere, I believe that we can share the grace of birds in flight, feel the warmth of friendships, explore the exquisite beauty and mysteries of the earth and savor the preciousness of life.”


December 31, 1945 – September 13, 2007
Who is Laurel Burch, you ask?  She is a mom, American artist, designer and entrepreneur.  Moreover, Laurel Burch was a wonderful example for stay at home moms, young artists and crafters.  Laurel Burch was a pauper, at the age of 14 when she left her home with nothing more than a small bag of clothing and a broken body (She was cursed with a disorder called Osteoporosis).   San Francisco is where she ended up and found she could support herself by working as a cook, house cleaner and baby-sitter in San Francisco. 

At the young age of 19, Laurel met and married a Jazz Musician, Robert Burch.  At age 20, she had two children and was divorced .  In an effort to support her children, she began to collect bones and metal in the junkyard and made some abstract art pieces.  Her art career began in a small space in her garage where she took old coins, bones and metal and began creating jewelry. (Wikipedia)

She sold her wares on the streets of San Francisco, and eventually a few small shops and boutiques began adding some of her pieces to their inventory.  Finally, she was discovered by a company who took a few of her designs to China, and with Mr. Singapuri’s financial backing manufacturing began, in the early 1970’s. 
 It wasn’t long before Laurel separated from that company and developed her own corporation, Laurel Burch, Inc.   

The popularity of Laurel’s distinctive mythical artwork and sophisticated sense of style, with the exhilarating use of colour has become one of the worlds most recognized.  

On a personal level, I’ve been inspired by this artist for many years.  She was often debilitated by chronic pain, yet managed to maintain her business and career; she raised her children while running her business; enjoyed designing and creating in bold bright colors; and she loved and valued the idea of having peace and harmony on our planet.   All of which I certainly experienced and valued in my own life.  Did I mention she loved jewelry?

Laurel Burch “SunFace” Earrings


Tote Made by Keschypoo
I’ve had many Laurel Burch pieces over the years including, a poster hanging in my first apartment, earrings, and coffee mugs.  Her style was unique, bright and bold.  Last fall, I ordered Laurel Burch fabric from Etsy Shop owner fabricfreak43 for my daughter, Kesch, to quilt.  To my surpise for Mother’s Day, she made a lovely tote!
Gift from my Grandangels

I received the leather purse from my granddaughters – which I dearly love.  Laurel Burch’s feline art has been popular for years, and continues to be desirable and highly collectible.

Picked up when Antiquiing with Andrea
Recently, my youngest daughter, Andrea, and I were shopping at a local antiques and collectible mall and found several pair of earrings.  You can see the cloisonné (an enameling process) that Laurel Burch discovered on one of her trips to China back in 1971, and used with much of her jewelry.

Laurel Burch will be an icon in the artist’s world, but she will also be an inspiration for up and coming artists, crafters, and business women.  Her story will hopefully encourage women who choose to be stay-at-home moms wanting to build their cottage industries

About the Guest Writer:  Gayla Esch The Jewel Seeker on Etsy

I’ve loved and collected all things sparkling for many years. Jewelry is a love that I have had, but it quickly became an obsession when I began collecting Frog, Poodle, Cat, Ballerina and Guilloche Enamel Rose pieces. I’ve sold jewelry for the past 10 years, but took two years off to enjoy other areas of life while traveling in our RV with my husband and our standard poodle. We still live in the RV full time, which offers a great opportunity to shop all over the Pacific Northwest!!! We travel a lot between our adult daughters homes – from San Francisco’s East Bay area to Eugene Oregon.  We have a booth at the Antique Gallery in Ilwaco, Washington, and our main focus is really all about our daughters and their families! I am totally addicted to jewelry, as my husband says, “She sells so she can buy!” That is correct, I do!

Please enjoy browsing this treasury and some of my fellow Vintage Jewelry Sellers on Etsy (VJSE) Team member’s shops.  They are stay-at-home-moms, retired folks supplementing their incomes; as well as, men and women who simply enjoy collecting and selling vintage jewelry.

‘Inspiration From Artist Laurel Burch – Bright & Bold’ by thejewelseeker

All of the jewelry in this Laurel Burch Treasury is offered by the Vintage Jewelry Sellers on Etsy Team:

Vintage Brooch, Laurel …


Laurel Burch Feline Fac…


Vintage Laurel Burch ha…


ON SALE Vintage Laurel …


Laurel Burch Jacket


Vintage Laurel Burch De…




Laurel Burch Birds: Han…


Laurel Burch Earrings B…




Digital Giclee Print – …


Vintage Deep Purple Pou…


Wristlet Purse Pouch Wa…


Vintage Laurel Burch Bi…


Vintage Fish Earrings L…


1990s Laurel Burch Wild…



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    I absolutely love Laurel Burch. This brings back such fond memories as my mother-in-law, Pat, introduced me to Lauel many, many years ago and Pat and I both collected Laurel’s work. I was so fortunate to inherit Pat’s jewelry and I treasure each piece. Laurel was a remarkable woman. Her work is vibrant and unique. Thank you for a great article about this fantastic woman!

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