Guidelines for Arranging Your Bathroom Essentials

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Guidelines for Arranging Your Bathroom Essentials


Once you have renovated your bathroom, whether by gutting it and putting in all new furniture or by repainting, repairing and renewing the existing facilities, you will need to arrange the essentials of the bathroom. Bathroom essentials are items like soap or shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and other toiletries. It can be disheartening to start moving products back into your new-looking shiny bathroom and gradually seeing the same old clutter re-establishing itself. Prevent this disappointment by overseeing the entire re-stocking process from start to finish!


  1. Make sure that only products that are used frequently are left in the bathroom. If there is an expensive tub full of awful-smelling, but expensive, bath crystals that will never be used again – bin them! If they were a gift from a dear relative, you can allow yourself the small white lie of saying that they have all been used, and how lovely they were. Hopefully, the relative will not be inspired to present you with a brand new tub! Where possible, decant products such as shampoo and hand-wash into smaller containers so as to prevent wastage.


  1. Once you have eradicated clutter you will find it easier to make a place for everything. You can choose between having everything neatly in one place and providing each family member with a bathroom caddy or basket in which they can keep their own products.


  1. Do not be scared to ‘go up the wall’! Make use of shelves, hanging baskets and over-door storage options. These allow you to have clear space on surfaces, allowing each user to spread out comfortably when washing up or applying make-up, and maximize the available storage space without using up a huge amount of the bathrooms minimal footprint.


  1. Use drawer and shelf dividers to create separate compartments. This will give you the scope to keep toiletries, make-up and hair products separate rather than allowing them for form into one huge tangled mess!

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