Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety

Halloween is full of spooks, fun, and the perfect opportunity for something to go wrong. Facing your worst nightmare could be more than ghoulish ghost, you could easily find yourself waiting in the emergency room. There’s nothing scarier than that! It’s important to stay safe during Halloween activities. Below are some of my favorite tips to keep you safe while you’re out having a great time trick-or-treating:

Safe Costumes – Did you know that your child’s Halloween costume could be highly flammable? Many responsible parents do everything they can to ensure a safe night, but send their children out in costumes that have excessive fabric that isn’t flame retardant. All it takes is one sprint by an open flame of a candelbra and your child’s costume could go up in flames. Practice stop, drop, and roll techniques for putting out flames before trick-or-treating. As well as, double checking the visibility and ability to move freely in your child’s costume. Beware of various paints and makeup kids that could be potentially dangerous.

Trick-or-Treat in Groups – Children should never trick-or-treat alone no matter their age or the location. Parental guidance is key, but having a group of children going from house to house together lessens the threat of attackers looking to single out one child. Group fun also ensures that there is always something there to help or to get help if an accident occurs.

Begin Trick-or-Treating at Dusk – Most parents like to start the Halloween festivities well before dark, but we all know that the kids want to experience the spookiness of the night. Meet in the middle and start at dusk. Your kids will still have that Halloween feeling and it’s still light enough for everyone to see what is going on. Waiting until dark could leave you ending your night of treats later than you’d like. It is called the witching hour afterall.

Go to Familiar Places – Halloween is not the night to find new places to go door-to-door even for treats. You can’t avoid known dangers when you are visiting an unfamiliar neighborhood. Stick to streets and homes that you know. Don’t get stuck dealing with an aggressive dog and ruining the fun.
Use Sidewalks – Walkways are designed to be one of the most safest way to navigate a street or area. Stick to the sidewalks and you’ll avoid falling into ditches, tripping over loose gravel, and anything else lurking in the streets.

Cautiously Select Homes When Trick-or-Treating – Only approach homes that are decorated for Halloween or a well lit home for the holiday. Some areas practice the tradition of only going to houses with the porch light on because that means they are expecting trick-or-treaters. Not every area is the same, so be cautious in selecting the houses you approach. If there’s no porch light on, it’s a safe bet that you won’t be getting candy from that house.

Only Eat Individually Wrapped Candies – Avoid potential dangers by only eating factory sealed candy. You’ve probably already heard the horror stories of razor blades hiding in apples for children. Toss anything edible that isn’t individually wrapped from the manufacturer. If you don’t know the people who gave your child the candy, you need to be careful. Parents need to inspect every piece of candy before it can be consumed.

Scare Responsibly – Finally, placing unexpected scares is half the fun of decorating and inviting trick-or-treaters to your door. However, you must be responsible when handling the safety of the people visiting your home on the witching hour. Avoid places moving decorations, like ghosts or zombies, close to the street. You wouldn’t want to scare a child that darts directly into traffic.

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