Happy Fall Printable Card

{Free} Happy Fall Printable Card, plus introducing my BlogPal Donna!

This month I had the opportunity to participate in BlogPal, and meet a new friend. Have you heard of BlogPal before? No? Well, it is pretty simple. It is just like being someone’s penpal, except you communicate through email, and you write two blog post on a certain subject. My BlogPal this month is Donna, she blogs over at The Crippled Crafter.  Donna lives in England. Isn’t that cool!? I would love to go site seeing there. Make sure you go over and say hi to her!! Our topic for this article is “fall.”  (Or Autumn if you live in England.) I had several ideas, and finally narrowed it down to something that I thought all of you would like! I love scrap-booking and making cards, so I thought making a fall card that you could print would be fun. 

Happy Fall Card

Go here to print the cards out.—> Fall Card Printable There will be two cards per sheet of paper. The cards are approximately 4 by 6 1/2 inches. The color in my printer is almost empty, so when I tried to print mine out, they came out a horrible color. I will have to go to the store to pick some more up! I would recommend printing them on white(ish) colored card stock paper. You don’t have to go to a craft store to find it. Usually, you can find card stock at your local Walmart, Fred Meyers, or Target. 

I think fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors of the leaves as they change and hot apple cider on a cold night. As a kid, I loved making great big piles of leaves and then jumping into them. What is your favorite thing about the Fall? Do you have any family traditions that you always did or do now when it is the fall? 


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