Homemade Deodorizing Air Freshener: Cheap and Easy to Make!

Homemade Air Freshener 
I originally saw this idea at The Burlap Bag and just new
I had to give it a try!
The first place it is going is in our bedroom.
We sleep with four little doxies and 2 cats every night,
so it can get to smelling a little stinky in there!
This air freshener doesn’t have a strong scent,
remember it is to help deodorize a room,
not to scent the entire room.
 I did slightly adjust the amount of essential oil
to give it just a touch more scent.
The great thing about this recipe is that it is cheap and very easy to make!
Heck, my three year old grandson could even make it
with a little help from grandma!
Homemade Air Freshener 1
 Homemade Deodorizing Air Freshener: Cheap and Easy to Make!
Here is what you will need:
Baking Soda
Essential Oil, your choice of  scent
I used a 4 oz glass canning jar and lemon and orange essential oils.
Pour baking soda into jar, fill to rim.
Shake 20 drops, or more, of essential oil into jar. Stir.
You can either add a lid, or not!
You could even cut a piece of scrapbook paper, put little holes in it and use it for the lid!
That would look super cute!!
Don’t throw it away when it quits working!
Use the baking soda to clean something else!
For example, use it to clean the toilet,
or to clean your glass stove top oven,
or throw some in the bath tub and scrub away!
Update 4/25/12: I wanted more scent than I had originally put in the recipe, so I experimented a little more and here is what I came up with: I used an 8 oz canning jar, put the baking soda in it, and then I put between 50-100 drops of essential oil. I made a peppermint scented one for the “Man Cave” and wow! The scent filled the room. The Husband wasn’t so sure about it smelling like peppermint in his special room, but I was!
I also made a lemon scented one and put it in the cat box room. It made a big difference in there. I almost forgot there was even a litter box in there! 
This is definitely a Keeper!I’m linking up at the Chic and Crafty Party.


  1. Anonymous says

    you can recycle the baking soda by pouring it down the drain into your DISPOSAL, run low water then turn on disposal until baking soda has disappeared.
    It not only cleans, but deodorizes your disposal and won’t hurt the environment.

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