Kitchen Basics 101: How to Carve a Turkey

Kitchen Basics 101: How to Carve a Turkey
How to carve a turkey
The past few weeks our Kitchen Basics 101 posts have been preparing you for Thanksgiving Day.  
We’ve discussed how to make the perfect mashed potatoes, the perfect lump free gravy, and how to roast a perfect Turkey.
Today we will discuss carving the turkey…
Step One:
Once your turkey is completely cooked, remove it from the oven and cover with aluminum foil.  Let it rest at room temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Then transfer the turkey to a cutting board to begin the process of carving.  Cut the string that was holding the legs together.  If you stuffed your turkey, remove the dressing and place in a bowl.  Cover to keep warm.  
Step Two:
Next remove the drumsticks along with the thighs.  Place the knife against the thigh and cut down to expose the leg’s joint, apply pressure at the joint and cut through to remove or set down the knife and pull the leg away from the bird until the ball joint pops out of the socket.  Repeat on the other side.  
Lay flat on a cutting board and separate the drumstick from the thigh.  Slice the thigh meat and place on the platter.  You can slice the meat off of the drumstick or leave whole for your platter.  In my family we leave the meat on the bone as there is always someone who wants to eat the whole drumstick.  
(Photo Credit:  Huffington Post)
Step Three:
Now, move on to the wings.  
You can just grab them and remove them or using your knife, 
find the joint and cut them away from the turkey and place on your serving platter.  
My mother loves the turkey wings.  
Step Four:
Some people like to carve the breast meat while it is still attached to the breast bone.  But the most easiest way is to remove each breast from the bone and place flat on a cutting board to carve.
Make a slice down the center of the breast, along the bone…
(Photo Credit:  Huffington Post)
Now go to the bottom of the breast and slice across to remove the whole breast from the bone.  
Repeat on the other side and lay both breasts on the cutting board and slice into pieces…
(Photo Credit:  Huffington Post)
Step Five:
Arrange all the turkey pieces on your platter and serve to your family…
(Photo Credit:  Food Network)
Don’t forget to come back for next week’s Kitchen Basics 101.  



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