Kitchen Basics 101: Honey

Kitchen Basics 101

Kitchen Basics 101: Honey

This week’s Kitchen Basics 101 tip is all about  Honey! It happens every time a recipe calls for honey, I go to my pantry to get my jar of honey and it’s crystallized.  I have tried putting the jar in the microwave for a few minutes in hopes that the honey will be usable, but it never works AND the microwave destroys the plastic bottle most honey is sold in.

I think I finally found a GREAT tip on how to bring your jar of honey back to the luscious, drizzly state it was when you first brought it home from the store.  Place the jar/bottle in a bowl of hot water until the honey is smooth and runny.  This usually takes about five to ten minutes…
(Photo Credit:  Google Images)
To prevent crystals from forming again, store the honey in a cool, dry place…never the refrigerator.
Come back next week for another Kitchen Basics 101 tip!

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