Kitchen Basics 101: Tips on Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

We all know what’s happening this week! HALLOWEEN is finally here.  That means you need to get your pumpkin carved and ready to light, before the kids start arriving to trick or treat in your neighborhood. 
Kitchen Basics 101: Tips on Carving the Perfect Pumpkin
Kitchen Basics 101 tips on carving the perfect pumpkin
1.  Begin by cutting a hole in the top of the pumpkin.  Keep this piece intact as you want to be able to replace it after you light your candle.  Then remove all the seeds and scoop out the flesh.
(Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart Living)
2.  Now it’s time to transfer the stencil design to the pumpkin to begin carving.
Attach the stencil to the pumpkin and begin “poking” holes through the stencil paper with a sharp tool.  
(Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart Living)
3.  Remove the template and using a sharp knife carve along the pattern; removing the pieces of pumpkin.
(Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart Living)
Place a small candle or flashlight inside your pumpkin, and place on your front porch to welcome all the trick or treaters to your house this week.
(Photo Credit:  Google Images)
Here is a great website for free printable stencils to help you carve the perfect pumpkin.
HERE is a great site for tips on preserving your beautiful carved pumpkins.
  (Photo Credit:  My Science Project)
AND don’t forget to use those seeds!  
Check out our post from last week’s Kitchen Basics 101 on
Here are two photo’s of my grandsons Avengers Pumpkin from last year.
I may be a little prejudice but I think it turned out Awesome!
Avengers Pumpkin
Avengers Pumpkin2

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