Lemon Lime Mock Parfait

This Lemon Lime Mock Parfait is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day dessert. It just takes a couple ingredients to throw it together and make something special. The parfait has a nice tartness too it. We thought the tartness was just perfect. One of the great things about this recipe, is that you can easily change up the flavors and colors by choosing a different jello and a different flavored Kool-Aid. I love versatile recipes. I am already thinking of a 4th of July version. 

Lemon Lime Mock Parfait

Lemon Lime Mock Parfait

For the Jello layer: 

Prepare a small (4 oz) box of  Lemon Lime jello according to the package instructions, except place it in a shallow pan until it sets up. Once it has set up, cut it into cubes.

Next you want to layer the lemon lime jello and whipped cream in your favorite dish. You can make your own whipped cream, use the stuff in the tub, or the can. 

To make the lemon lime frosting:
1 8oz tub whipped topping or make your own whipped topping
1 cup vanilla frosting, store bought or make your own favorite vanilla frosting
1 package lemon lime Kool-aid mix
Mix the above three ingredients together until smooth, and then place the frosting on top of the jello and whipped cream mixture. 

Serve and Enjoy!


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  1. says

    I absolutely love these. I just created a St Patricks Day board just to put great recipes and inspiration like this on it :) Thank you for linking up to our Lovely Ladies link party, I’ve included your parfait in a fabulous round-up on my blog if you’d like to check it out http://bit.ly/1oi8Vbh
    Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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