Light Bladder Leakage Has No Age with Poise

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Poise Microliners Your Light Bladder Leakage Solution

Warning: The light bladder leakage (LBL) conversation can sometimes get too real. Apologies for sharing too much information at times.

Every woman knows what I’m talking about. At some point in your life, at least once, you’ve dealt with light bladder leakage. Sure men have these problems too, but you never hear about it. Poise wants women of any age to feel confident and more empowered to take on their day with their new Poise Microliners. If you’re reading this, I know you’re giving this call to action a few cheers! Incontinence products don’t have a demographic anymore because they aren’t just adult diapers. Poise has created a line of more feminine and easily concealed microliners that offer all the absorbing protection without the bulk. Easily carried in your purse like a menstrual liner, you can change them frequently during the day or only as often as you need to.

They’re perfect for women who are pregnant, postpartum, athletes, yoga gurus, professional shoppers, library patrons, or even drive-thru frequenters. Did you catch that? Poise Microliners are for everyone no matter how active your lifestyle or amount of management you need for your light bladder leakage.  

Poise Microliners Dry Up Light Bladder Leakage

While I was pregnant, I was a manager at a well-known pharmacy retailer. I had sciatica, and I couldn’t get around that well without being in a lot of pain. Luckily, I worked in the newest building in town. That also meant I was lucky enough to have the office on the opposite side of the store than the bathroom. I don’t know how many times the urge to go hit me while I was taking care of the nightly finance duties. By the time I finished counting the register, locked the safe, and headed to the bathroom, I leaked. Sometimes a little. Sometimes I soaked myself. I accepted after the first big gush that I needed to invest in Poise products. I was armed with a poofy pad that kept me dry all day.

Now, I’m dealing with the usual coughing, sneezing, laughing, and exercising automatically causing me to pee on myself regularly. Sure you can try more natural techniques to conquer light bladder leakage, but my new go-to is Poise Microliners. They’re so thin and offer Super Absorbent Material (SAM) to keep you dry all day long. I can’t believe that I used a larger pad before. I can bounce around with my daughter during play time and not bolt for the bathroom every time I feel a coughing fit coming on.

Poise Microliners Be Confident

Trust me if you want to build confidence with light bladder leakage, you want try Poise Microliners. When I feel a leak, I sometimes panic because I forget I’m already wearing a microliner. They’re that discreet. 

See for yourself and get your free sample of Poise Microliners today!

Disclosure: Poise sponsored this content, but all opinions and stories are my own.

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