My view: The Craft Room

My view: The Craft Room

I don’t know about you, but I always think it is fun to see photo’s of other people’s craft rooms. It is a great way to get idea’s for my own room, or to just dream about what I wish it looked like! So, today, I decided I would show you what my craft room looks like.

 I am an organized kind of a girl. Everything has it’s specific place and I like when it is all in order! The room is still a work in progress but seriously, isn’t every room? I reorganize the whole house several times a year.  Oh gosh, did I really just admit that?! Hmm, yeah, I did. I even said it out loud. I can’t help it. I like it to be organized, and if I think of something that would make it even more organized, I have to change it! Maybe I will just blame it on the changing seasons. Yeah, that’s it. The season’s make me do it.

After my first marriage ended I decided to remodel the garage into a large family room. I love this room. It is what I have always wanted. The only problem is that with my kids no longer at home it rarely gets used.  So, when The Husband suggested I make it into my craft room. I jumped at the chance to finally have a big, organized room to create and play in.

My View: The Craft Room
My view: The Craft Room
I hope you have a great weekend!


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    Library is still in the craft room. :o) That part of the room didn’t change. We now have a computer/office room and your room is now “the man cave.” I gave the big couch to a friend at work, so just the small reclining couch and the big screen tv are in the man cave. Along with other “man” stuff.

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