No More Stinky Dish Sponge or Scrub Pads!

No More Stinky Dish Sponge or Scrub Pads!
No More Stinky Dish Sponge or Scrub Pads!

There is nothing worse than grabbing a kitchen sponge to clean the dishes, or to wipe down the counter, and smell that awful stinky bad sponge smell! It just grosses me out! There have even been times when I have just walked by the kitchen sink and got a whiff of it. I would be sooo embarrassed if someone was visiting and they smelled it!

I found this little trick months ago on pinterest somewhere and thought I would give it a try. It couldn’t make anything smell worse, right?!

I have to tell you that this really does do the trick!! I used clips that I already had around the house. Clipped my sponge on one, a blue scrub pad to another, and then a black harsh scrub pad on another one. There you have it!

Give it a try! I know you will be happy to get rid of that stink too!
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  1. Great idea!

  2. That sounds like an easy fix. Hopping over from the g+ party!

  3. This sounds like a great idea, but mine would probably lay beside the clips :)

  4. Ohh… I HATE that smell. ;)

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