#OrnamentSwap2012 You’ve signed up, Now what?

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Wow y’all! We had 138 sign ups for our first annual Ornament Swap! Lauren & I are super excited all of you have come to take part in this with us. Now let the fun begin!

So you’ve signed up, now what?
  • Check your email on November 1st for your pair.
  • Once you get your partner’s email address, send them an email to introduce yourself, find out more about them, get their social media links so you can tag them if you share photos and get their mailing info.
  • Remember, there is a $5 max you can spend on your ornament! You can buy it or make it…but don’t spend over $5 (this does not include shipping).
  • Starting November 5th, Lauren will have some guest bloggers posting some DIY ornaments for those of you who are crafty and want to make one.(Interested in guest posting here on Robyn’s View? You can contact me here:  RobynMomto2 at Gmail dot com
  • Ornaments must be shipped by November 24th to ensure your recipient gets theirs in time to trim their tree.
  • Take photos & share using hashtag #OrnamentSwap2012 on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Instagram! Ideas: take a photo of your materials before you make yours, take a photo of the store you’re shopping at to get yours, take a photo of your package before you send it (please do not post addresses, just blur them out or take the photo before you address it)
  • Have fun! If you have any questions or do not hear from me by midnight November 1st, email me with the subject Ornament Swap.

Thanks everyone and HAVE FUN!



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