Gifts in a Jar: Peppermint Flavored Sugar

Gifts in a Jar: Peppermint Flavored Sugar

Peppermint Flavored Sugar

Delicious sprinkled over muffins, in your coffee, hot tea, or use in place of plain sugar in cookie and cake recipes. In a pretty bottle this makes an amazing hostess gift, or packaged with several others in a Christmas basket. For a wonderful basket for a coffee lover include a pretty bottle of flavored sugar, a bag of coffee, and a mug that fits their personality. Since these need to sit and absorb the flavors now is a great time to get started on these inexpensive gifts.

Peppermint Flavored Sugar

Here is what you will need:
1-2 cups of sugar
8-12 fresh peppermint leaves
airtight bottle or jar

Remove all labels from jar, wash it thoroughly, and make sure it is completely dry inside before you begin filling it.

Start by bruising the peppermint leaves to release the natural oils. I have found the best method for this is to lay the leaves on a cutting board and gently tap with the backside of a spoon.

Layer an inch of sugar, place a couple bruised peppermint leaves on top of sugar, layer more sugar, and more leaves. Repeat until your jar is full.

Set in a cool, dark place and allow the natural flavors to be absorbed by the sugar.

To make a pretty gift, add a homemade tag and wrap the jar in ribbon.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I LOVE peppermint and this is a great way to add a peppermint flavor into so many baking treats:-)

  2. Excellent idea! I keep a jar of cinnamon sugar for similar things, so this would be perfect right next to it.

  3. Oh my goodness what an amazing idea! In coffee that would be such a yummy treat. Thank you for sharing and I know a few people on my list that will LOVE this treat for Christmas.

  4. What a lovely idea – and a really nice gift as well at Christmas time. Thanks for linking up to the Parenting Pin it Party xx

  5. G’day! Another great economical gift giving idea Robyn! :)


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