Petbrosia All-Natural Pet Food Review and Giveaway

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Petbrosia All-Natural Pet Food Review and Giveaway

Your pet is not just your pet. They quickly become a part of your family by greeting you at the door, sharing the furniture, owning the backyard, and depending on you at dinner time. Sounds like having kids doesn’t it? Owning a pet is like bringing an extra furry child home for life. You decide to make the tough decisions for their health and well being like the dreaded trips to the vet or to have them spayed/neutered. All of your pet parent decisions don’t have to be so bad, especially when it comes to what pet food to choose for your dog or cat. Luckily, Petbrosia sent over a 10lb bag of dog food for us to try out.

Petbrosia uses all-natural ingredients that are grown and raised by farmer’s across America. You’ll find a brand of pet food that wants to tailor the diet for your cat or dog’s specific needs. It’s not a blanket formula that they mass produce meant for every pet. Like humans, pets are all different whether it be from breed, age, weight, body condition, allergies, or activity level. The makers of Petbrosia, one of which is a veterinarian, wanted to create a food that benefited both of their dogs, Mickey and Rosie. Quickly, they realized that each needed their own health-related blend and that it would change as each dog grew older.

Petbrosia Pet Food

You won’t find cheap filler and unnecessary additives with Petbrosia. Each unique formula is created back on a questionnaire you fill out for your pet. While Petbrosia picks your blend, you get to choose your superior protein. It’s real meat either free-range chicken or grain-free salmon to help maintain a healthy weight and body condition. You’ll also find fresh fruits and vegetables; primarily, blueberries and chickpeas that support your pet’s immune system. These anti-oxidants do not include artificial dyes or preservatives. Check your current pet food bag for these common ingredients: wheat, corn, soy, or gluten. Petbrosia focuses on quality carbohydrates that are all-natural like brown rice and sweet potatoes. Overall, these natural choices for carbohydrates don’t impact blood sugar levels for your pet as much.

Humans do well to take a multi-vitamin if their daily diet doesn’t provide the amount of vitamins and minerals they need. Pet diets operate the same way. The mineral blend for Petbrosia includes zinc and iron for pet growth along with promoting a healthy skin and coat. Worried about your pet not being able to absorb these minerals? Chelated minerals are included because organic forms of these minerals are easier for an animal to absorb. Vitamins included are Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joints from puppies or kittens to senior dogs or cats. Probiotics extracts and prebiotics are to maintain a good intestinal tract for digestion. They’re also extremely useful in aiding in the absorption of the nutrients mentioned above. Finally, the blends are packed full of essential fatty acids to lower your pet’s risk of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and also aim to improve the health and look of the skin and coat.

Purchasing Petbrosia begins with a questionnaire that includes all the important facts about your pet: type, breed, age, weight, activity level, allergies, and a few other questions. Based on your input about each pet, Petbrosia evaluates the best formula with a detailed list of why the formula will work best for your pet. On the Petbrosia pricing page, you’ll see that they compare Petbrosia pet food to a daily cup of coffee. A daily cup of Monchachino premium coffee at $3.50 is far less than the average $1.77 per day it costs to feed your pet with Petbrosia. You can choose to have it delivered one-time or set it up for automatic shipments at specific intervals. It works out to $34.90/10lb bag, which may be expensive for some, but the benefits may outweigh the costs for your furriest family member.

Sometimes you can hear about all the facts and good things about a pet food brand, but it all comes down to the taste. Listen to what your dogs are telling you. My dogs get fed every morning. Normally they aren’t too impressed with their food. Although, I always try and buy them food that is good for them. Petbrosia was a totally different story. Every morning, all four dogs would come running to tell me it was time to feed them. They jumped up and down, they did circles, whatever they could think of to get my attention so I would feed them their new food. It was really quite the seen! 

Petbrosia has a comparison chart to show you what it provides in each blend that the other leading natural pet food brands are lacking. I was surprised to see that other brands that are supposed to be better options for your pet were lacking some essentials. When you’re looking for something that is as unique as your pet, you want to go with Petbrosia.

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One lucky winner will have the chance to win a 3lb Petbrosia dog or cat food bag. Good luck!

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Disclosure: Robyn’s View received pet food from Petbrosia to facilitate this review. All opinions shared are her own and no additional compensation was received. Giveaway is open to United States residents in the lower 48 states (residents in Hawaii or Alaska are not eligible). Petbrosia is responsible for prize fulfillment. Full giveaway terms are available on the Rafflecopter form.



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