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You can’t miss it. I’ve seen it multiple times at different bakery locations. Customers receiving special cakes with their own personal photos or prints as the design. You really can’t beat a birthday cake that features your face front and center can you? It’s the ultimate way to fully customize your cake or dessert. Have you seen the awesome printed marshmallows? For the longest time, I was in awe of these businesses that the hardware to produce custom printed desserts. Little did I know that with the right equipment and edible ink you can decorate your own cake at home.

To get started, you’ll need a few products:

  • Edible Ink Printer (Canon, Epson, or Direct to Cake)
  • Edible Ink Cartridges
  • Edible Paper

Edible Ink Printing

For a little over $200, you can score an edible ink ready printer that’ll have you decorating as soon as you can create your designs.  You can find some great bundles that include cartridges at Inkedibles. Inkedibles has a complete line of edible ink cartridges that are compatible with many Canon and Epson printers. Edible ink cartridges are made similarly to traditional ink cartridges, so you only need a printer that accepts the cartridge not a special printer for cake decorating. However, you will want to dedicate your printer to only printing with edible ink to edible paper or frosting sheets. DO NOT mix inkjet inks with edible inks. Safe for consumption edible ink cartridges can be refilled. Save yourself some time and money by ordering a refill kit. The auto-resetting chips allow the cartridge to be re-used once it’s emptied.

Designing your own pattern or preparing a photo for printing seems easy. I was curious as to how the edible paper worked – also know as frosting sheets. Each frosting sheet has a plastic backing that allows it to glide through your edible ink printer. The process is exactly like printing on a regular sheet of paper. However, when you’re ready to apply the printed design to your cake, the plastic backing must be removed. Press it carefully to a thin, top layer of frosting and you’re ready to serve your custom cake.

Inkedibles is your go-to source for edible ink cartridges and all the accessories you need. They offer chocolate transfer sheets, chocolate molds, edible pens, blank cookies, and even edible ink airbrush kits. If you’re not quite ready to invest in edible ink printing, I highly suggest at the very least grabbing some edible pens. You can draw directly onto any flat, non-oily food surface, such as fondant, marshmallows or cookies. It’s perfect for writing messages and names or adding a little hand drawn artwork. For the more advanced artists, an airbrush kit may be exactly what you’re looking for; plus, it is more cost efficient. Overall it takes less time than regular painting and you can have a finished cake that looks beautiful.

Inkedibles Graduation Cake Inkedibles Star Wars Cake
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You can’t go wrong with taking your questions and business to Inkedibles. They’re established and have everything you need to get started whether you’re opening a bakery or indulging in your cake design hobby at home.

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  1. Vickey White says

    Love this idea of creating custom cakes with edible ink! I have a new great granddaughter and this would make great birthday cakes for sure!

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