Pumpkin Painted Mason Jar

Pumpkin Painted Mason Jar

pumpkin mason jar

Painted mason jars are an easy way to add a splash of color and festive fun to your home or patio decor. A case of mason jars, spray paint, ribbon, and less than 20 minutes and you can have an entire patch of pumpkins lining your walkway. A subtle pumpkin design to bring a touch of fall to your home. These would be lovely filled with fall flowers like mums for a friend or filled with wrapped candies. Drop a tea light or an electric tea light inside to create a unique lantern that will set the mood on a crisp fall night.

quart mason jar
dark orange spray paint
¾ “ grosgrain ribbon
hot glue gun/glue

1. Wipe mason jar down well with alcohol and a paper towel, try to handle it as little as possible- this removes dirt and oil left by your fingers and will help the paint adhere better.
2. Set your mason on newspaper, outdoors or in a well ventilated space.
3. Spray a light tack coat, allow to dry for 10 minutes, spray additional coats until desired coverage has been reached ( 2-3 coats)

Pumpkin Mason Jar Paint

4. To give your jar a bit more aged effect take a nail file or small piece of sandpaper and gently buff the raised lettering to remove some of the paint.
5. To make your painted jar last even longer apply 2-3 light coats of clear spray paint to seal.
6. Wrap ribbon around the threads on the top of your jar, secure at the back with a dab of glue.
7. Cut a 4” length of ribbon, tie into a small bow, attach to the side with hot glue, add a button to create a whimsical leaf for your pumpkin.
8. Trim away any glue strings.

Pumpkin Mason Jar Ribbon


Now, you can display your cute and easy-to-make pumpkin mason jar for many fall seasons to come!

What’s your favorite DIY fall home decor item to make?


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