Saving on Your Pet’s Veterinarin Bills

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Saving on Your Pet’s Veterinarian Bills 

Saving on Your Pet's Veterinarian Bills

We all hate when our beloved pet is ill, but if you have a pet, you will have to pay vet bills at some point. Just like human doctor’s bills, these can seem overly expensive and can add up fast. If you find yourself in a position where you have a pet that needs to see the vet, check out these tips below to save money so you can focus on helping Fluffy or Fido feel better. 

Invest in pet health insurance only if it makes sense to do so. Be aware that it does not cover breed-specific conditions or pre-existing ones. Pet insurance is mostly for catastrophic care and the extra expense may not be worth it to you in the long run.

Give some vaccines at home. Many first time puppy shots can be given by you. Just head to a local ranch and feed store and ask where they are for sale. You should also ask about the proper way to administer them as well. They may also be knowledgeable in which vaccines you should give to your pet. Be sure to look into this yourself, don’t expect them to know. 

Keep your animal healthy overall by feeding a good diet with higher quality food. The cheaper may be better on your wallet now, but it is essentially like feeding fast food to them at every meal. Eventually, it will lead to health issues. To me this is one of the most important things that you can do for your pet. Not only is higher quality food better for their health, it is also good for their fur.  

My dogs love this dog food! Real meats are included as the first ingredient in each formula and are combined with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins and nutrients to maintain your dog’s overall health. 

Be a savvy shopper with vet expenses. Don’t just give your dog or cat supplements that advertisers lead you to believe are vital. Talk to your vet and find out which ones really are. Also, if your vet gives you a prescription for your pet, be aware that it can cost less by just looking at other options such as having it sent over to a “people pharmacy”.

Be as frank as you can about your financial situation to your vet. They may be able to then suggest things that need to be done now and ones that can wait. Also, they may be able to work out a payment plan.

Don’t skip out on preventive care. Brush your dog or cat’s teeth, skip table scraps and always give vaccines and flea/parasite treatments. These simple prevention’s can save you a bundle down the road as heart worm, for instance, can be very costly to treat and cheap to prevent. I like to keep things on the more natural side, but during the months that fleas are really bad, I buy this for the dogs: Advantage 6pk Dog Green 1-10 Lbs and this for the cats :Advantage 6pk Cat Orange 1-9 Lbs  

Come prepared. Many vets still do vaccines the “old school” way. Some vaccines such as parvo are not needed yearly like they were once thought to be. Instead be able to show your vet that you would like to skip them if it has not been more than 3 years. 

Get a second opinion just as your would for yourself. If a vet wants to do an expensive procedure, make sure it in necessary by taking your animal to a second vet for his or her opinion on it.

If you follow me on FACEBOOK you would have heard me talk about my little girl Charlotte, who fell off the back of the couch and hurt her neck really bad. She was on lots of medications for a month and half, several doctor visits, and on crate rest for most of that time. I am happy to tell you that she is off all of her prescribed medications. I now have her on a daily supplement that seems to be helping her. If her nose gets bumped she gets a pain, so she isn’t totally back to normal, but definitely on the mend. I wish that we would have had pet insurance on her. It would have been a big help.  

Do you have ways that help you save money on your pet bills? Share them with us in the comments. 


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    Great tips! I explained to my vet early on that I wasn’t willing to spend a million dollars on my dog and he carefully explains all of my options every time. It does pay to shop around!

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      Yes, I think they are very understanding and willing to give us more options than just telling us we need a bunch of unneeded test and surgery for our fur babies.

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    I was immediately drawn to this post. We currently have three rescued dogs at our home who I love to death and think of them as children. One of our babies gets ear infections constantly I use to have to pay 60 to 80 every time to get her checked out and get meds for the infections. Till I was told by one of our lovely vet techs that I could buy a over the counter medicine at Pets Mart that’s half the price and has the same ingredients. So I always look for ways to save a little money with them but get the same care. I would love if you would link this post up to our Wednesday Link Party for our viewers.

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