Secret Millionaires Club Volume 2 #ad

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Secret Millionaires Club

Secret Millionaires Club Volume 2 came out on DVD September 10, 2013 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and A Squared Entertainment. It is a kids animated show starring money guru Warren Buffet and his friends, Radley, Elena, Jones, and Lisa. The dvd has 6 different shows, Down and Out in Beijing, Listen to the Music, Paranormally We Don’t Do This Kind of Thing, The Final Financial Frontier, Sweeeet, and Just Say Snow. Each of the shows teach kids about realistic life lessons on Earning and Saving, and on investing in themselves.

I wasn’t sure if Colt, my grandson who is four years old, would like the show’s or not. He likes everything and anything that has to do with super Hero’s. To my surprise he sat and watched the show’s! The show has a very catchy theme song, which I even found myself singing to. I’m not sure that he really grasped the concepts that they were trying to teach about finances and money, but it was still a good introduction to those topics for a child of his age. They were able to make the show’s fun and adventures which kept his attention through out the show’s. Colt gives the show a thumbs up!

I would say that the show is more for Colt’s age, 4 and up. My grand daughter who is two, really didn’t pay any attention to the show at all. I think that the topics were a little too mature for her. 

The dvd is about 132 minutes long if you watch all of the show’s at one time. You should be able to find the dvd at any of your local retail sellers for about $14.93. Check it out and let me know what you think of it!

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