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This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own.

Doctor on Demand Pediatric

Being sick at home is the worst, but somehow the pain of having to get dressed, drive to the doctor’s office, wait for them to call you back, and actually see the doctor makes it exponentially worse. It’s awful! If you’re anything like me, you love utilizing technology whenever possible. I even order my takeout meals online and haven’t spoken with a pizza parlor worker in years. For those people with minor ailments and no patience for the doctor’s office, there’s an app that’ll save you time and money – Doctor on Demand!

I have to say that I was extremely skeptical about how well this app would work. I’ve seen videos, photos, and read article after article on the service. It’s a fee of $40 per visit (that’s less than most co-pays) and you can even have a prescription called in at a local pharmacy whenever appropriate and needed. Sounds awesome right? But, really a doctor’s appointment from my iPhone? 

Here’s my experience with Doctor on Demand – I downloaded the free app. Easy enough. Registered my email address and chose a password. Inputted my free visit code, and then chose what type of doctor I wanted to see: Medical, Pediatric, Psychologist, or New Mom/Newborn. Quickly, I chose medical doctor and inputted a short description of why I wanted to speak with a doctor, listed my symptoms, allergies, brief health history, and any medications I’m currently taking. After about five minutes of waiting, I was speaking with my doctor.

I felt weird about having a video chat about my symptoms. Did I need to make eye contact? Luckily, my doctor was laid back, didn’t try to make eye contact with me (she looked at my face on her screen), and was able to give me advice on my problem after five minutes of my 15 minute call. I decided to use the last 10 minutes to talk about the measles outbreak in the United States. We discussed the impact the virus can have on unvaccinated and vaccinated children in certain situations. I was surprised to learn that after surviving measles (not all those infected do) that a person could potentially get another version of the virus sometime down the road that could lead to brain deterioration. My doctor worked in an emergency room, but was able to speak to me about my fear of how measles could affect my daughter. She shared with me symptoms to look for and other advice for how to handle potential exposure. 

We ended our call with around a minute to go before I went over our time slot. I felt really good about the visit, all my symptoms were addresses, my concerns for my daughter were discussed, and I felt as good as I would having left the doctor’s office. Except I didn’t have to wait almost an hour in a waiting room full of sick people, get dressed, drive to the office, and I was able to talk to my Doctor on Demand without any makeup on and my hair still wet from a shower. Not the best presentation, but my visit wasn’t staged, so why did I need to get dressed? I am sick after all. Check out all the reasons to use Doctor on Demand below and grab your first month free visit promo code and try this service out. You’ll be glad  you did!

Doctor on Demand is the app for adults, parents, new parents, and anyone that needs to see a medical professional in a hurry for less money out of pocket. You’d be surprised at the number of problems that this comprehensive group of medical professionals recommend using Doctor on Demand for instead of having a physical visit:

- Common cold, flu, cough, fever, allergies
- Urinary Tract Infections
- Pediatric fever, advice, or other issues
- STDs
- Vomiting/diarrhea
- Heartburn
- Breastfeeding questions (Lactation consulting in available)
- Back pain or other physical ailments
- Mental health issues
- And more!

You can trust this group of highly trained medical professionals that are great in office and in your home, if you need them. They’ve been trained how to diagnosis a patient via video chat, so they know what questions to ask and how to interact with you screen-to-screen. I love that I’m connected with a board certified physician, psychologist, or lactation consultant in my state when I call. 

Doctor on Demand

What are you waiting for? Have a seat on the couch, be ready with your list of symptoms, and see the doctor! Using our exclusive coupon code your first visit to Doctor on Demand is FREE! Apply coupon code: robyn15 when scheduling your appointment.

No iPhone? No problem! Doctor on Demand is compatible with iPad, Android, and your desktop computer if it is equipped with a webcam and microphone.
It’s free to register; so, download the free app, register, and save your first free visit code from above to your account for when you do need to see the doctor!

Download Doctor on Demand and your next doctor visit is not only free but a click away.

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Disclosure: I received compensation for writing this sponsored post on behalf of Doctor on Demand. All opinions and experiences shared are my own and were not influenced by additional compensation.

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