Shamrock Food Cut Out Ideas

Kitchen Basics 101:  Shamrock Food Cut Out Ideas
Today for Kitchen Basics 101 we are going to share a few ideas we found on the internet to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family.  Who says you can’t have fun with your food?! All you need is a shamrock cookie cutter that can be found on Amazon, or at your local Walmart, Fred Meyers, Target, etc. I know your loved ones will love these Shamrock Food Cut Out Ideas that we are sharing below!

First up, we found these really cute shamrock pepper slices on Pinterest; they’re originally from Martha Stewart. Wouldn’t these be great for breakfast with a cooked egg in the middle of them. 

Martha Stewart Shamrock Peppers
How about using a small shamrock cookie cutter to cut shapes out of spinach leaves for a salad. This would make such a fun Shamrock/ four leaf clover salad. 
We found this idea over on Home is Where the Boat Is
Home is where the boat is. Shamrock Spinach
We found this cute idea of cutting shamrock shapes out of spinach flavored tortillas over on Zakka Life. Head over to her blog to see complete instructions on how to turn these shapes into yummy chips.  
Zakka Life Shamrock Tortilla Chips
Just a few ideas to help your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next week. Do you do anything special to celebrate?  Share with us!  


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