St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Banner

St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Banner

Who says you need to head to the craft store to make some fun St. Patrick’s Day décor? If you have a bag or box of crafting scraps, you would be amazed at what you can create for little to nothing. Take a peek below at how to create a St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Banner like we did, using supplies and materials you may already have around the house. It is a fun and festive way to get your home ready for the St. Patrick’s Day season for less.

St. Patrick's Day Scrap Banner

St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Banner

Supplies needed:
Ribbon or string
Assorted scrapbook paper, green is ideal
Glitter or glitter foam
Glass bowl filler
Faux flowers
Craft glue or hot glue

All of the supplies we used were items we had purchased at the dollar store some time ago and used on various Christmas crafts. Green is the color of St. Patrick’s day, and a quite commonly used color in Christmas crafting. Therefore, you may already have paper and fabric scraps from your holiday crafting to use for this project. Look and see what you have and find new ways to use it, that is the best way to create this banner for just pennies.

1. Begin by cutting out five triangles from your scrapbook paper. We had some green wood design scrapbook paper that was perfect for this.
2. From glitter foam or glittered paper, cut out the letters to spell the word LUCKY. This is a short and sweet word that reflects the holiday perfectly.
3. Add a dab of glue to each letter and attach them to the triangles.
4. You can now attach your triangles to the ribbon or string using craft glue, tape, or clothespins as we did. To embellish each clothespin further, we added a dab of glue to each and pressed a green flower and green glass bowl filler to each. It is a nice way to add some detail.

Your banner is now ready for hanging! String it up on a mantel or entryway where it will invite people into your space with style.


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    This is so cute! I think I might have to give this a go too!
    I pinned this to my St. Patrick’s day board.
    ang (

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